(Magma Films [Irl] Art Oko Film [Ger]) Co-prods: Future Film [UK]. Budget:Euro5m. Backers: Buena Vista [Ger]. Dist: Buena Vista (Germany) and Moviehouse(UK). Thriller. Exec prods: Ralph Christians, Stephen Margolis, Michele Berk.Prods: Karel Dirka, Clodagh Freeman. Dir: Peter Medak. Scr: Agatha Dominik,Robert Newton. DoP: Elemer Ragalyi. Prod des: Michael Pickwood. Cast: LenaOlin, Lynn Redgrave, Patrick Bergin.
Contact: Clodagh Freeman, Magma Films, (353) 91 569 142

(Grand Pictures) Romantic comedy based on the novel by James Hawes. Budget:Euros 1.5m. Backers: Irish Film Board, NIFTC, Arts Council of Wales, Section481, S&L, RTE, HTV, Media Luna. Inlt Sales: Media Luna. Prods: PaulDonovan, Nerys Lloyd, Michael Casey. Exec prod: Michael Garland. Dir: TommyCollins. Cast: Angeline Ball, Richard Harrington. Shooting in Donegal and Walesfrom Feb 14 for four weeks.
Contact: Paul Donovan, Grand Pictures, (353) 1 860 2290

(Samson Films) Prods: David Collins, Martina Niland. Dir: Kieron J Walsh. Scr:Carmel Callan.
Contact: Martina Niland, Samson Films, (353) 1 667 0533.

(Grand Pictures) Co-prod: Aria Films [UK]. Prods: Michael Garland, Carlo Ducie.Dir: Gareth Roberts. Scr: Joel Rose, Roberts. Cast: James Gandolfini. Shootingin Dublin for six weeks in late spring.
Contact: Grand Pictures, (353) 1 860 2290.

(Borderline Productions) Budget: Euro 3.25M. Backers: Irish Film Board, NIFTC,Nordisk Film, EIS investment (UK). A former IRA member hiding out in Brixtonduring a time of racial tension is put under pressure to do a last job for thecause. Prod: Tom Maguire. Exec prod: Carlo Ducie. Dir: Mark Hammond. Scr:Brendan Foley. Cast: Tommy Flanagan, Samantha Mumba, Vinnie Jones, RogerDaltry, Idris Elba, Gerry McSorley, Laurence Kinlan. Shooting for five weeks inBelfast and one week in London.
Contact: Tom Maguire, Borderline Productions, (44) 28 9033 3360.

(Hells Kitchen Int'l.) Warner Independent [US]. Budget: $20m. Cast: BryceDallas Howard.

(Green Park Films) Backers: Northern Ireland Film & Television Commission,Irish Film Board. Prods: Michael Casey, Helen Murray. Dir: Brian Kirk. Scr:Daragh Carville.
Contact: Michael Casey, Green Park Films, (44) 28 9057 3000

(Parallel Films) Co-prod: Tusk Productions. Budget: Euros 10m Backers:Movision, Invicta, Irish Film Board. Int'l sales: Arclight Films. Nth Americanrights enquiries to: Shaun Redick at ICM International. A group of workingclass Dublin women leave their families behind when they win a trip to Lourdes.Prods: Alan Moloney, Joan Allen, Julia Palau, Evan Todd, Matthew Payne, MichaelCowan, Jason Piette. Exec prods: Peter James, James Simpson. Dir/scr: JimmySmallhorne. Cast: Joan Allen, Claire Danes, Kathy Bates, and Maggie Smith
Contact: Alan Moloney, Parallel Films, (353) 1 671 8555

(Brother Films) Budget Euro 1.1m. Backers: Irish Film Board, TV3, BVI (Ireland)for Irish theatrical & video/DVD rights. An amateur Dublin football teamacquire a mysterious new manager and launch a campaign to win the league.Prods: Fiach MacConghail, Cuan MacConghail. Dir/scr: Paul Mercier (adapted fromhis own stage play). Cast: Brendan Gleeson. Shooting on location around Dublinfor five weeks from February 7.
Contact: Brother Films (353) 1 670 4895

(Element Films) Prod: Rebecca O'Brien. Dir: KenLoach. Scr: Paul Laverty. Shooting in County Cork from May.


ISOLATION (formerly TheCalf)
(Element Films) Co-prod: The Bureau [UK], Blue Orange Films [UK]. Budget $5m.Backers: Lion's Gate, Film Four, Irish Film Board, TV3, Ingenious (S&L),Anglo Irish Bank (S481). Prods: Bertrand Faivre, Ruth Kenley-Letts, Ed Guiney,Exec prod: Andrew Lowe. Dir/scr: Billy O'Brien. Shooting from November 15 foreight weeks with a break for Christmas.
Contact: Ed Guiney, Element Films, (353) 1 618 5032

(Magma Films). Co-Prod: A-Film (Den), TV2 (Den) Futurikon (Fr), Ulysses (Ger).Budget: Euro8m. Backers: Danish Film Institute. Feature Animation, CGI - 80'.Exec prods: Ralph Christians, Anders Mastrup. Dir: Karsten Killerich (A-Film).Scr: Mark Hodkinson.
Contact: Daina Sacco, Magma Films, (353) 91 569 142


(Element Films) Backers: Irish Film Board, Isle of Man Film Commission, OptimumReleasing, Bank of Ireland (gap finance), Sale & Leaseback, Section 481.Int'l sales: Odyssey Entertainment. Prod: Ed Guiney. Co-prod: Matthew Justice(Lunar Films). Exec prods: Andrew Lowe, Ralph Kamp, Louise Goodsill. Dir:Stephen Bradley. Scr: Derek Landy. DoP: Balazs Bolygo. Prodn Des: Anna Rackard.Eds: Dermot Diskin, Ben Yeates. Cast: Samantha Mumba, David Leon.
Contact: Ed Guiney, Element Films, (353) 1 618 5032

(Parallel Films) Number 9 [UK]. Adaptation of Pat McCabe's comic novel aboutPatrick 'Kitten' Brady, a young transvestite from rural Ireland who goes on themake in London. Backers: Irish Film Board, NIFTC, Pathe Pictures. Int'l sales:Pathe International. Prods: Stephen Woolley, Alan Moloney, Neil Jordan.Dir/Scr: Neil Jordan. Cast: Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson,Stephen Rea. Shooting in Co Kilkenny, Dublin, Belfast and London from September6, 2004.
Contact publicist: Caitriona Ward, (353) 86 250 5883

(Hells Kitchen International) Deep River Productions [US]. Based on the classic1950s American TV series of the same name. Backers: Paramount, Section 481.Prod: David T Friendly. Co-prod: Paul Myler. Dir: John Schultz. Shooting inDublin from August 27. Cast: Cedric the Entertainer, Mike Epps.
Contact publicist: Gerry Lundberg, (353) 1 679 8476

(Hells Kitchen International) Tiger Aspect Pictures [UK]. A feature film basedon the award-winning UK TV comedy series The League of Gentlemen. Backers:Universal Studios and Film Four. Prods: Greg Brenman, Ed Guiney. Exec prods:Peter Bennett-Jones, Andrew Lowe and The League of Gentlemen. Dir: SteveBendelack. Created by and starring: Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, ReeceShearsmith and Jeremy Dyson.
Contact publicist: Maud Halferty, (353) 1 671 3672

(Igloo Productions) Backers: Irish Film Board, Hamburg Film Fund, Eurimages.Prods: Brian Willis, Peter Stockhausen. Co-prod: Christine Alderson. Dir/Scr:Anthony Byrne. Cast: Emma de Caunes, Rade Serbedzija, Cosma Shiva Hagen,Vanessa Redgrave, Jack Dee and John Hurt.
Contact: Brian Willis, Igloo Productions, (353) 1 662 4624

(Ferndale Films) Adaptation of the Maeve Binchy novel about an American womanand an Irish woman who do a house swap but find themselves borrowing much morefrom each other's lives. Budget: Euro 10m. Backers: Irish Film Board,Telemunchen, Surefire Fund, Section 481, S&L. UK/Irl co-production. Distributor(Ireland): BVI. Int'l Sales: The Works. Prods: Noel Pearson, Anne MarieNaughton, Myron Blumental. Co-prod: Sarah Radclyffe. Dir: Gillies McKinnon.Scr: Cynthia Cidre, Shane Connaughton. DoP: John de Borman. Cast: AndieMcDowell, Olivia Williams, Heike Makatsch, Alan Devlin, Stephen Rea, Ian Glen,Ruby Wax. Shooting from October 18 for five weeks in Ireland followed by twoweeks in South Africa.
Contact publicist: Gerry Lundberg, (353) 1 679 8476

THE MIGHTY CELT (formerlyValhalla)
(Treasure Entertainment) Backers: BBC Films, Irish Film Board, Northern IrelandFilm & Television Commission, TV3. Int'l sales: The Works. Story of a 14year old boy who adopts an awkward greyhound his boss has no time for, andtrains it to become a championship contender Prods: Rob Walpole, PaddyMcDonald, Paddy Breathnach. Dir/scr: Pearse Elliot. DoP: Seamus Deasy. FirstAD: Andrew Hegarty. Cast: Robert Carlyle, Gillian Anderson, Tyrone McKenna, KenStott, Sean McGinley.
Contact: Carol McCullough (44) 2893 360 140 (unit publicist). Rob Walpole,Treasure Entertainment, (353) 1 670 9609.

(Octagon Films [Irl], Scott Free Productions [UK]) Period drama. After the fallof the Roman Empire, Irish King Donnchadh (David O'Hara) brutally subjugatestribal England. There, young orphaned Tristan (James Franco) is raised byfamily ally Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell). As a young man, the charismatic Tristanleads guerilla attacks on Irish occupying forces, ultimately defeating KingDonnchadh's elite warriors. Believing himself to be mortally wounded, Tristanrequests a funeral boat that eventually washes up on the Irish coast.Discovered by Irish Princess Isolde (Sophia Myles), the two fall passionatelyin love. All too soon Tristan must flee back to the safety of England.Meanwhile, King Donnchadh invites the English lords to contest for Isolde'shand, hoping to cause further discord among the bickering English barons.Unaware of Isolde's identity, Tristan fights in the tournament as Marke'schampion. Tristan is victorious but is devastated to learn Isolde's trueidentity. Lord Marke weds Isolde and prepares to become King of the now unitedEngland, ruining Donnchadh's plan. Despite their best efforts to stay apart,Tristan and Isolde eventually resume their affair. When King Donnchadh arrivesin England for Marke's coronation, he deviously unmasks the affair causing anEnglish rebellion. Lord Marke forgives Tristan and Isolde as they defend CastleDor from Irish troops. Tristan leads a battle against the Irish but is fatallywounded. As Lord Marke leads the reunited English troops to drive out theIrish, Tristan dies peacefully in Isolde's arms. Exec prods: Ridley Scott, TonyScott, Jim Lemley, Frank Hubner. Prods: Lisa Ellzey, Giannina Facio, MosheDiamant, Elie Samaha. Co-prods: Anne Lai, Jan Fantl. Dir: Kevin Reynolds. Scr:Dean Georgaris. DoP: Arthur Reinhart. Ed: Peter Boyle. Prod des: Mark Geraghty.Art dir: Jan Svoboda (Czech), David Wilson (Ireland). Costume des: MaurizioMillennotti. SFX supervisor: Pavel Sagner. Cast: James Franco, Sophia Myles,Rufus Sewell, David O'Hara, Dexter Fletcher, Bronagh Gallagher, Mark Strong.
Contact: Catherine Tiernan, Octagon Films (353) 1 276 9522

(Fubar Films). Backers: Irish Film Board, RTE, Xtra-Vision. A chance encounterbetween Michelle and Conor, a woman on the run from a messy relationship and aman on the run from himself, leads to a strong attraction. He has to see her;she has to see him, the journey begins again. Prod: Fiona Bergin. Dir: FintanConnolly. Scr: Connolly, Catriona McGowan. DoP: Owen McPolin. Ed: Ray Roantree,Sarah Armstrong. Prod des: Steven Kingston, Laurent Mellet. Mus: Niall Byrne.Cast: Aidan Gillen, Renee Weldon, Mannix Flynn, Eamon Morrissey.
Contact: Fiona Bergin: Fubar Films (353) 1 476 3914,

(Jam Films) Budget Euro 500,000. Co-prods: Curbside Pictures [US]. Backers:Private investment. A 15-year-old boy spends time with his three great aunts ina big house in rural Ireland. Prod: Jack Armstrong. Dir/Scr (co): MichaelAimett and John G. Hoffman. DoP: Tim Fleming. Cast: TBC. Shooting in CountyWicklow for four weeks from July 4, with one day each in the US and the UK.
Contact: Jack Armstrong, Jam Films, (353) 1 286 2971