The Irish FIlm Board has announced that it will be searching for a new Chief Executive to run the organisation from January 2011.

This coincides with the end of the five-year term of the current Chief Executive, Simon Perry. He joined the IFP in January 2006.

Chairman of the IFB’s Board, James Morris, said: “Simon has brought new confidence and renewed energy to Irish filmmakers, bringing new talent to the fore while successfully presiding over a period of rapid growth in the range and scale of activities of the IFB. His considerable previous experience as Chief Executive of British Screen and respected contacts among European filmmakers has helped the development of Irish talent and Irish producers enormously. Simon will continue as Chief Executive of the IFB to the end of his term and has agreed to assist the Board in managing a successful transition period into the New Year should this prove helpful’.

The IFB will advertise for the position starting at the end of the month.