Israeli revenge drama Foul Gesturehas soldto Barton Films for Spain, Portugal and Andorra

Tzahi Grad's$0.5m film proved a huge success at the San Sebastian film festival and has been a hit with critics.

'We don't have a sales agent attached to the film yet, but [Bilbao based] Barton films have bought the rights for Spain, Portugal and Andora, where it will be distributed in 3-4 months time,' Grad told ScreenDaily.

Foul Gesture is a revenge drama about a middle aged man, played by the film's co-writer Gal Zaid, who decides to take justice into his own hands when he becomes the victim of a road rage incident, but finds himself caught up in a world of political and mafia conspiracy.

Grad's own company Tnuah Meguna produces alongside sister company MH1.