French TV production and distribution house Marathon International is producing its second feature film, Ken Park, the directorial debut of Ed Lachman, the cinematographer on Erin Brokovich. Lachman will co-direct with Kids director Larry Clark.

Marathon produced, financed and is now selling Amos Kolleck's Directors' Fortnight title Queenie In Love, a $3.2m production which is distributed in France by Pyramide.

Ken Park, which Clark describes as 'the kids of Kids meet their parents' has been written by Harmony Korine, the enfant terrible who also wrote the script for Kids before directing his own films Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy.

The $5m California-set title, currently in post-production, has been set up as a co-production between Marathon and Dutch producer Kees Kasander (who has produced most of Peter Greenaway's films).

Marathon, headed by Olivier Bremond, made its mark producing top-rated soaps, long-running documentary series and animated programmes, a good number of them co-produced with international partners and successfully broadcast worldwide. (Marathon's daily soap, Saint Tropez, was sold in more than 80 countries).

'Television remains our core activity,' Bremond stresses, 'but the theatrical market is where the company can develop. We will be looking to produce up to four titles per year, international auteur titles with reasonable budgets and a good commercial potential. '