Los Angeles-based Platinum Studios has added glam rock starts to its independent library of comic book characters following a deal with KISS Catalog Ltd.

The partners will create a new comic book entertainment company called the KISS Comics Group, which gives former glam rock band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley artistic licence to create their own comic book characters.

For Platinum the deals opens a world of creative possibilities through theatrical spin-off projects, as well as mobile and online content.

The launch comic book, KISS 4K, follows the band members as they morph into their evil fighting incarnations. However once transformed, Simmons, Stanley et al can never return to human form.

'Gene Simmons approached me with the idea of launching KISS Comics Group and we negotiated the deal structure and parameters of the joint venture and working together has simply been incredible,' Platinum Studios' founder and chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg said.

'Platinum Studios has been working with independent comic book creators for years. KISS' worldwide legion of fans spans an enormous age range, providing this new company with a given global audience.'

'We've had other licensed KISS comic books before but never our own imprint and never with the wide reach across so many multi-media platforms,' KISS co-founding member and bass player Gene Simmons said.

'As the iconic KISS characters have continued to evolve far beyond our beginning in rock music, we have always looked for the ideal situation for a KISS comic book outlet that was as far reaching as we originally conceived and intended. Platinum fills that slot perfectly,' KISS co-founder Paul Stanley added.

Characters from Platinum Studios' library of characters will appear in the KISS books. Signatures Network and Dell Furano, which already handle worldwide licensing for KISS Catalogue Ltd, will handle worldwide licensing for KISS Comics Group and for KISS 4K on behalf of the co-venture.