Spanish sales outfit Latido Films has sold Carlos Saura's film Fados to countries across North, Central and South America.

The musical drama, co-produced by Spain's Zebra Producciones and Portugal's Fado Filmes, has been sold to Canada (K Films Amerique), Mexico and Central America (Latino Vision), Venezuela (Amazonia). Deals were also said to be struck for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Fados depicts recitals of Portugal 's most emblematic national music performed by local artists Mariza and Camane alongside international talent such as Caetano Veloso and Chico Buarque.

Latido has already sold the film to France (TF1) and Japan (AMG).

The film had a special screening in San Sebastian 's Zabaltegi Pearls section, with post-screening performances from Mariza, Carmane and Carlos Do Carmo.