The distributor has picked up US rights to Matías Piñeiro’s follow-up to Viola that is set to premiere in Locarno on August 7.

The Princess Of France follows a man who attempts to stage a Shakespeare play in Buenos Aires and connects with five significant women. The film will open theatrically in early 2015.

“I’m happy to be working again with Cinema Guild after the positive experience of Viola,” said Piñeiro. “I feel that Cinema Guild has become a member of my film family as my actors and crew have been for the last eight years.

“I treasure familiarity. Not only do I join both a beautiful catalogue of films and a brave company, but also further develop a relationship that aligns to the values that guide my own filmmaking.”

Princess Of France is an absolute marvel, a film bursting with ideas and mysteries that will delight fans of Viola and newcomers alike,” said Cinema Guild’s Ryan Krivoshey, who brokered the deal with Piñeiro. “We are incredibly thrilled to be releasing it and to continue our relationship with Matias, who has indeed come to be a dear friend.”