Finnish monster hard-rock group Lordi, which won last year's Eurovision Song Contest, will star in a $5m horror movie from Finnish producer Markus Selin, of Solar Films, who has for the last four years delivered the number one local top-grossers on the Finnish charts.

Selin will be in Berlin to discuss foreign distribution for the film, which will start principal photography on May 9 from a script by Lordi members - Mr Lordi, Amen the unstoppable mummy, Awa the vampire countess, Ox the hellbull and Kita the alien manbeast - and Finnish writer VP Hanninen. Set at a hospital, the film will be shot in English with an otherwise UK-US cast.

Lordi, which just released their Arockalypse album in Japan and currently are preparing their first US tour, will give a concert in Cannes during the film festival on May 20. The first feature by Peter Riski, who has directed all the group's videos, the film will be launched domestically on Dec 21.