Online DVD rental company and entertainment website LoveFilm has struck a multi-title marketing partnership with Lionsgate UK.

The pact kicks off with Righteous Kill, the new thriller starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

The six-month media deal continues into 2009 for titles also including I've Love You So Long, Midnight Meat Train, Saw V, My Best Friend's Girl and The Spirit.

Lionsgate titles will be boosted by branded LoveFilm envelopes, newsletter mentions, a two-million-email campaign, and targeted trailer promotion and online ads.

Chris Bird, head of marketing services for LoveFilm, said: 'LoveFilm has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Lionsgate UK, so it's exciting to extend the link to provide further support to the studio. As our customer base grows, so does our opportunity for promoting films to our users and with our ability to target advertising based on user preference, budgets go further to reach the right customers, at the right time.'