The Malta Film Commission on Saturday announced its revised financial incentives for film and TV productions shooting on the island.

The cash rebates are given to qualifying companies on Malta-based production spend. Up to 22% can be claimed as a rebate - that's up to 20% on the rebate as before, but an extra 2% bonus if Malta is featured as itself in the project. Eligible productions need to pass a new cultural test.

The Malta spend includes includes EU services engaged in Malta during production, and includes items such as EU below-the-line labour, accommodation, transportation, location fees, catering services, per diems, marine construction, leasing of offices and facilities, props rental, animals, grip equipment rental, and air travel and shipping within the EU. Other qualifying expenditure includes wardrobe rentals, effects services, telecommunications, craft service, marine services and professional services.

Past shoots in Malta include U-571, Troy, Gladiator, and Munich.

Malta also has a co-production treaty with Canada and is a member of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production.