French director Olivier Marchal has begun shooting thriller MR 73 in Marseilles with Daniel Auteuil and Olivia Bonamy in the lead roles.

Principal photography began in mid-February on the film, about the complex relationship between a loner cop and the young woman he protects when her parents' murderer is released from jail.

Gaumont and LGM are producing the film on a $18.7m (Euros 14m) budget with the same crew used on Marchal's acclaimed 36 Quai Des Orfevres.

Medusa is also co-producing and will handle the film in Italy, while Gaumont will release MR 73 in France next winter.

Producer, and former Gaumont co-CEO Franck Chorot, said: 'There are not many French film-makers whose movies are successful both domestically and internationally and Oliver is definitely one of them. Film after film he is building a filmography that will establish him as one of the most talented directors, and it's good to share it with our international partners'.