EXCLUSIVE: Margaret Matheson’s London and Scotland-based Bard Entertainments is to partner with writer-director David Chidlow’s Campfire Productions on a new film to shoot in Scotland.

This marks the second collaboration between Matheson and Chidlow. She also executive produced Chidlow’s The Story of Our Little Deaths (L’Historie De Nos Petits Morts). The French-language project, shot in Switzerland, is newly finished. Set in the red light district of Geneva, the film tells the story of a fraught encounter between a banker and a prostitute.

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Matheson said that she hoped to shoot the new Chidlow movie next year. She declined to reveal further details of the project other than to say that Chidlow will write and direct.

Matheson is currently devising a marketing and release strategy for Scott Graham’s debut feature Shell. The film, sold internationally by French outfit Bac Films, was screened recently to UK distributors. Matheson said a UK deal was imminent and that offers had been received. Graham is a 2011 Screen Star of Tomorrow.

The prolific Matheson is also executive producer on Cate Shortland’s Lore, sold by Paris-based Memento and one of the hits of the Sydney Film Festival. The film is about a group of German kids at the end of the Second World War whose Nazi parents are taken into custody and who set out on an epic journey to reach their grandmother. En route, they learn some grim lessons about their parents’ behaviour. Music Box took US rights to the film earlier this year.

The producer also revealed that she will shortly be a visiting lecturer at the Univeristy Of Colorado, Boulder, where director Alex Cox (with whom she first worked on Sid & Nancy) is a professor of film.

Another recent film produced by Matheson, Alistair Siddons’ ghost story In The Dark Half will be released in the UK in August by Verve.

Matheson was in Edinburgh this week taking part in a Composers Lab.