Jenna Mattison is set to star in the romantic comedy The ThirdWish, which will be directed by Shelley Jensen and is due to beginproduction in Los Angeles and San Francisco on Jun 8.

Cinema Libre Studio has picked up domestic distribution rights andwill release the picture theatrically in October.

Based on a screenplay by Mattison, The Third Wish is arags-to-riches story about a bookshop worker who receives three wishes afterdiscovering a first-edition copy of Charles Dickens Great Expectations.

Sean Maguire, Armand Assante, Betty White and James Avery are alsoattached to star and Scott Seligman of Skyway Productions will serve asexecutive producer.

Mattison most recently starred in Brian Austin Green's comedydrama Fish Without A Bicycle, which won special jury prize for bestdirector at the Palm Beach Film Festival and best screenplay and best comedy atthe DIY Film Festival 2004.