The Works International is partnering with James Atherton’s Quickfire Films on T Leaf, a rom-com caper movie  about the aftermath of a heist gone wrong that will be directed by Paul McGuigan.

McGuigan is currently casting the film and production is set for end of May 2010 in Australia, the UK & South Africa.

T-Leaf is produced by William Borthwick of Face Films and Nick O’Hagan of Giant Films. Miranda Culley will be producing in Australia for MacGowan Films. Borthwick wrote the script with Simon Fantauzzo.

The film follows small-time crook Terry, who, fleeing the scene of a botched robbery, is forced to leave a bag of cash with day-dreamy travel agent Meredith. She books him a round-the-world trip. On a whim, she takes off after him to reunite him with the money. Also on his tail are two assassins - sophisticated hitman Hal and street-smart babe Kylie - hired by his former accomplices.

Financing will be provided by Quickfire Films and other partners who will be announced at a later date.

“Fantauzzo and Borthwick’s screenplay for T-Leaf is a rare beast indeed. They have constructed a story that not only induces laughter on every page but also keeps you perched on the edge of your seat as the belly laughs turn to  nervous ones,” McGuigan commented.

T-Leaf is the perfect project for the independent market right now,” said Carl Clifton, MD of The Works  International. “Totally commercial but really distinctive and from a great director with a proven track record. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.”