The partnership between Nick Meyer and Marc Schaberg’s Sierra Pictures, Michel Litvak’s Bold Films and Gigi Pritzker’s OddLot Entertainment heralds the arrival of a major new entity on the sales circuit in the run-up to Berlin.

Sierra / Affinity, which had been rumoured at AFM last year and came together quickly according to Meyer, will handle third party product and act as the exclusive sales agent for films developed and produced by OddLot, Bold, The entity will assume sales on all Sidney Kimmel films per the prior relationship with Sierra.

Meyer will run the Beverly Hills-based company with Schaberg, who becomes COO and CFO. Affinity International head Brian O’Shea and his team at that former joint sales venture between Bold and OddLot will meet with Meyer imminently to discuss their futures.

Meyer, the former president of Paramount Vantage and Lionsgate International, said the plan was to make commercial films in the vein of Sierra Pictures’ Untitled 3D Shark Thriller, which Relativity picked up for the US in late November, and Bold and OddLot’s Ryan Gosling thriller Drive, which FilmDistrict acquired for the US at AFM.

Sierra will separately maintain its White Knuckle production arm partnership with Brett Ratner and OddLot and Bold will continue as individual production companies and maintain certain joint business ventures including the recently formed Quickdraw Productions with Robert Rodriguez. Sierra /Affinity will act as the sales representative for White Knuckle and Quickdraw.

“The creation of Sierra / Affinity offers the marketplace a new world-class sales organisation that is primed to represent third party product as well as films developed produced and financed both jointly and independently from Sierra, OddLot and Bold,” Meyer said. “Gigi and Michel have produced many notable films and their companies continue to remain at the forefront of independently produced feature film arena.”

In a joint statement Pritzker and Litvak said: “We are thrilled to be getting into business with Nick and Marc.  We’re also proud of the work our team has done at Affinity. This combination puts our new company, Sierra / Affinity, at the forefront of the international sales marketplace and continues to build upon the strengths we have each achieved to date.”