Korea's Mirovision is partnering with M Production to produce Youth IsReckless, by Lee Myung-se, the director of the visual extravaganza M,martial arts mystery Duelists, and crime action film Nowhere To Hide.

Youth Is Reckless is based on the Book of Five Rings, a classic samuraitreatise by Miyamoto Musashi, which Lee was given 20 years ago by aKorean Yakuza he met.

Lee said, 'Today, people wonder what to do, and where to go, and thespectators need a new kind of movie, they need to learn from Musashithat, when facing an unknown tomorrow, the only thing to do is to fightwill all your energy, they need to find [a way] back the forgottenwildness of youth.'

Stylish, dark and fast-paced, the film will feature heavy rock music as well as jazz, classical music and hip-hop.

Currently in development, the film is to be shot in Japan in theJapanese-language, with plans to start production in summer 2009.Mirovision is looking for partners at AFM.