Dutch production company Motel Films has sold the remake rights to its hit romantic comedy Love Is All to Belgian film producer MMG.

MMG, which previously worked on Ben X and Winky's Horse, plans two different remake versions, one each for the Flemish and French markets. COO Peter Bouckaert found the project for MMG and praised the film's 'quality and intelligence.'

Love Is All has already had 1m admissions in the Netherlands since its release Oct 11
and is still playing on 93 prints.

Motel produced the original with Fu Works, Kemna & Sons and co-producers VARA.

Love Is All, written by Kim van Kooten and directed by Joram Lursen, is about the lives of six couples, with a cast including Carice van Houten, Michiel Romeyn, Thomas Acda, Wendy van Dijk, Daan Schuurmans, Paul de Leeuw, Chantal Janzen, Valerio Zero, Anneke Blok and Peter Paul Muller.