Swedishdirector Lukas Moodysson says that everyone should see his latest film AHole In The Heart - despite it containing explicit sex scenes, physical andpsychological violence.

Moodysson was speaking after the first press screening ofthe film in Stockholm this week. The film world premieres in Toronto tomorrow(Sept 10).

The dark,provocative drama tells the story of four people who spend days together in amusty, claustrophobic apartment. Rickard and Geko are shooting a porn filmstarring 21-year-old Tess in Rickard's home. Meanwhile, Rickard's teenage sonEric is trying to escape reality and his freaky dad by shutting himself up inhis room.

Just like Lilya4-ever, A Hole in My Heart contains numerous strong and sickening scenes.

"In thereal word, dreadful things happen all the time. Therefore it's good if you feelsick after a film, said Moodysson.

When askedby journalists what he wanted to say with his new film, Moodysson refused toanswer.

"I havecooked a beautiful meal for you, but I won't chew it for you," he said.

Critics trooped out of the press screening in silence.

Afterwards, Gunnar Bohlin of public service broadcasterSveriges Radio told ScreenDaily.com that there were parallels betweenLukas Moodysson and Michael Haneke.

"It israther easy to upset a cinema audience, but you have to ask yourself what youwant to achieve by doing it. Created agony doesn't necessarily need to be greatart," he said about A Hole in My Heart.

Helena Lindblad, film editor of Swedish daily DagensNyheter, said that she was nauseated by the film, but that she had expected tobe even more provoked.

"In myopinion, the film is a comment on reality TV and infantile society ratherthan the porn film industry. On the one hand, Moodysson is incredibly unfashionablein his naive, political way. On the other hand, he always manages to create newtrends."

TheSwedish premiere is set for Sept 17.