After barely two weeks on release Fox International's Night AtThe Museum will belooking to cross $100m this weekend.

The family film has amassed more than $75m so far and opens in anadditional 10, albeit minor, markets this weekend.

Meanwhile the fantasy adventure Eragon, which opens in three Latin Americanmarkets including Argentina on Jan 4, now stands at $113.1m.

The comedy Borat, which has grossed $114.5m to date, arrives in Mexico on Jan 5,while comedy Deck The Halls, which has grossed a disappointing $10.2m so far, goes out inSpain on Jan 5.

Fox's comedy A Good Year, another underachiever, opens in France on Jan 3. It hastaken $22m to date.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Casino Royale will cross $350m this weekend with alaunch on 410 Italian screens scheduled for Jan 5. The 007 thriller currentlystands at $345m.

The animated feature Open Season is closing in on $100m and SPRIexecutives will look to launches in South Korea on 181 on Jan 4 and Thailand on60 on Jan 5 to boost the $95m total. Costume drama Marie Antoinette, which stands at $8.7m so far, opens inSpain on 100 on Jan 5.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) opens Flags Of OurFathers in Spain on Jan3 and The Prestige inGermany on Jan 4.

As of Dec 31 The Departed stood at $116.8m including non-WBPI territories, FlagsOf Our Fathers stood at$24m, Happy Feet hadtaken $114.2m including Roadshow territories, The Prestige had taken $30.9m, and Letters FromIwo Jima stood at$22.4m.

Family title Charlotte's Web opens through Paramount Pictures International (PPI) inGermany on Jan 4 and Brazil a day later. It stands at $8.4m from the earlystages of its run. DreamWorks Animation's Flushed Away has amassed $78.3m through PPI.

Buena Vista International (BVI) opens Deja Vu in nine territories including Hong Kongand Argentina on Jan 4. The thriller has grossed $53.5m to date.

Breaking And Entering ventures into Mexico on Jan 5 while Hollywoodland opens in France and Spain on Jan 3. BothBVI releases are in the early stages of their overseas careers.

Universal Pictures International (UPI) opens the romantic comedy TheHoliday in Hong Kong on50 screens on Jan 4. The film has taken $75m so far.

Lionsgate opens Saw III in New Zealand on Jan 4 and Poland on Jan 5. The horror sequelnow stands at $59.1m.