The producers of The Chronicles Of Narnia films plan to release a new instalment of C S Lewis' children's fantasy series every May starting with Prince Caspian on May 16 2008.

Speaking to attendees at the annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego, Mark Johnson said the aim was to put out a yearly adaptation through Disney/Walden Media.

'As long as you keep on embracing these movies as you have the last one, then we will make all seven,' Johnson said to wild applause.

Meanwhile director Andrew Adamson spoke via satellite link from the shoot in Prague and introduced a pre-visualisation sequence in which the Pevensie siblings - who return to Narnia where 1,000 years have passed - overcome castle guards with the aid of the heroic mouse Reepicheep.

'In the first film the action was really the button at the end of the film,' Adamson said. 'In Prince Caspian action is inherent to the film and there are many battles throughout the film.'

Work is set to commence on the third book in the series, The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, in late January 2008 in time for a May 1 2009 release. Michael Apted will direct and Adamson will stay on as producer.

Attendees also saw early footage of Disney/Pixar's upcoming June 2009 release Wall-E, about a lonely compressor droid that develops feelings after he was abandoned by mankind on Planet Earth 700 years earlier.

Director Andrew Stanton said he became obsessed with the storyline while he was on deadline to deliver Finding Nemo. He introduced several other characters in the film including a female robot called Eve.

Speaking on the Marvel Studios panel later on Saturday [July 28], company president Kevin Feige hinted that The Incredible Hulk, which started shooting in Toronto two weeks ago, may be the first in a franchise.

Edward Norton stars as Bruce Banner alongside love interest Betty Ross played by Liv Tyler. Norton told attendees he wrote the screenplay, which would appear to indicate a re-write of the original script by Zak Penn. The Incredible Hulk is set for a Jun 13 2008 release through Universal.

Jon Favreau and Iron Man cast members Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Terence Howard were on hand to show a trailer of their film, which opens through Paramount on May 2 2008.

Speaking on a panel the day before [July 27] to promote the 25th anniversary release of the Blade Runner Final Cut DVD, Ridley Scott said he was still trying to secure rights to adapt Philip K Dick's alternative history novel The Man In The High Castle.