Robert Jan Westdijk's In Real Life, a story of a film within a film, will open the 28th Netherlands Film Festival (Sept 24-Oct 3).

Westdijk's Little Sister won the festival's best feature prize and City of Utrecht Prize in 1995. Also, his 2003 Phileine Says Sorry also opened the festival and won four Golden Calves.

In Real Life was produced by IDTV Film in co-production with Fu Works, and was backed by the Netherlands Film Fund and Fine. A-Film Distribution will release the film in the Netherlands.

The Holland Film Meeting (Sept 25-29) is accepting project submissions (for European co-productions) until July 15.

The Benelux Screenings programme this year has already confirmed Vox Populi by Eddy Terstall, The Last Days Of Shismaref by Jan Louter, Sing For Darfur by Johan Kramer, Winter Silence by Sonja Wyss, Last Conversation by Noud Heerkens and Los by Jan Verheyen.

More details on the festival, including the The Binger - Screen International Interview (Sept 26), will be announced soon.