EXCLUSIVE: Short version of ‘choose your adventure’ story to premiere in Cannes.

Dream Channel

Spotlight Pictures has acquired worldwide rights to the full-length live-action VR feature Dream Channel

A 35-minute version of the 90-minute film will screen at the Cannes Next VR Theatre.

The project has been profiled in Cross Video Days, a Cannes forum where investors in the VR space are brought together with experimental filmmakers.

The film is a narrative-driven “choose your own adventure” about gangsters who buy and sell dreams on the black market. Venturing into the world, audiences discover that they are the protagonist of the story and their dreams have been stolen too.

Viewers can experience Dream Channel on both mobile, via Samsung Gear VR, and on HTC Vive as a fully immersive world where they navigate their way around an augmented Amsterdam from scene to scene choosing their own adventure.

Jonny Peters wrote and directed the film produced by Brian Cobb. The film was entirely shot at Cobbstar Studios in Paddington, Australia.

Dream Channel takes advantage of a new medium, delivering a story where anyone can be its protagonist,” Peters said.