Noryang Deadly Sea

Source: Acemaker movieworks

‘Noryang: Deadly Sea’

Korea’s Acemaker movieworks has pre-sold Noryang: Deadly Sea, the final instalment of Kim Han-min’s epic naval action trilogy, to a raft of territories led by North America (Well Go USA).

The upcoming film also sold to Germany (Plaion), Taiwan and Southeast Asia (MovieCloud), CIS (Capella), Poland (9thplan), Mongolia (Filmbridge) and inflight (Eagle).

It follows Roaring Currents, which remains South Korea’s all-time biggest box office hit with more than 17.6 million admissions following its release in 2014, and Hansan: Rising Dragon in 2022.

Noryang: Deadly Sea stars Kim Yun-seok (Escape From Mogadishu) as legendary admiral Yi Sun-shin, who defended the country from Japanese invaders during the seven-year war that started in 1592. The cast also includes Baek Yoon-sik (Inside Men), Jung Jaeyoung (Right Now, Wrong Then) and Huh Joon-ho, of Netflix’s Kingdom season two.

In the film, the war nears an end as the Japanese prepare to withdraw from the Korean peninsula. Admiral Yi leads an allied fleet of Korean and Chinese ships to annihilate the invading army and they clash at Noryang Strait, the deadly sea where he fights his last valiant battle.

The feature is in post-production with a release expected later this year.