Banking and finance expert Jared Underwood is at the centre of a new film venture formed by New York Private Bank & Trust (NYPB&T) and Aperture Media Partners. Separately, Jeff Robinov has announced new additions to his senior team.

The new company is structured to create a one-stop shop for producers and distributors seeking financing for film and television projects. 

Aperture will have the capacity to take a range of positions including bridge loans, finishing funds, gap loans, library advances, P&A funding, production finance, tax credit monetization, sales agent advances and ultimates financing. 

The company is supported by a network of banks, hedge funds, private equity and family offices.

Underwood (pictured) is Aperture CEO while banker Andrew Robinson is COO.

  • Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8 has expanded its executive suite by hiring Shaun Williams as CFO, Lindsey Bayman as head of business affairs, Mark Bakshi as head of physical production and Kimberly LoCascio as head of visual effects, post production and 3D. Studio 8 and backer Fosun will receive the 2014 Film Partnership Of The Year award at the Fifth Annual U.S.-China Film Summit and Gala Dinner on November 5.