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Source: BAFTA


Screen has curated this list of dates for the 2021-2022 awards season. The below list will be updated as more dates are unveiled. 

A calendar for film festivals and markets is available here.

December 2021

5: British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) awards ceremony

6: SAG nominations balloting opens

10: Oscars preliminary voting for shortlists begins

10: Bafta round one voting opens

11: European Film Awards ceremony

13: Golden Globes nominations announcement

14: Independent Spirit nominations announcement

15: Oscars preliminary voting for shortlists ends

17: Golden Globes - final voting ballots sent to HFPA members

21: Oscars shortlist announcement

January 2022

3: Bafta round one voting ends

3: Golden Globes - deadline for receipt of final voting ballots, 5pm PT

7: SAG nominations balloting closes

9: Golden Globes ceremony

11: NAACP Image awards nominations announcement

12: Bafta longlists announced

12: SAG nominations announcement

13: WGA TV nominations announcement

14: Bafta round two voting opens

19: SAG final voting opens

21: DGA TV nominations announcement

26: DGA documentary nominations announcement

27: Bafta round two voting closes

27: Oscar nominations voting begins

27: PGA film, TV nominations announcement

27: DGA feature film nominations announcement

27: WGA film nominations announcement

February 2022

1: Oscar nominations voting ends

3: Bafta nominations announcement

8: Oscar nominations announcement

9: Bafta round three voting opens

12: Goya awards ceremony

25: SAG final voting closes

26: PGA awards ceremony

26: NAACP Image awards ceremony

28: SAG awards ceremony

March 2022

6: Independent Spirit awards ceremony

8: Bafta round three voting closes

12: DGA awards ceremony

13: Bafta awards ceremony

17: Oscars final voting begins

20: WGA awards ceremony

27: Oscars awards ceremony