EXCLUSIVE: New film and TV participants include crew from Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Lobster, and Sherlock.

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BAFTA’s networking and career development programme for UK-based film and TV workers BAFTA Crew will this year include crew from forthcoming Star Wars spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, BAFTA-nominted The Lobster and the third series of the BBC’s Sherlock.

New VFX crew joining the programme include Gavin Foden (Pan), Helen Carr (In The Heart of the Sea), Marta Baidek (Jungle Book: Origins), and Matthew Perrin (Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them).

Art department crew include Lili Lea Abraham (Jungle Book: Origins), Hannah Spice (How To Talk To Girls At Parties), Dionisia Cirasola (Ben Hur), Anna Thomas (Me Before You), and Yvonne Lloyd (Peaky Blinders).

Further new participants include Christopher Frith (assistant editor, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Caterina Boselli (location coordinator, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens) ,and Brendan Jenkins (assistant editor, Mad Max: Fury Road).

Now in its third year, BAFTA Crew has amassed 405 total members, all of whom were selected by BAFTA nominees, winners and committee members.

Participants are given access to masterclasses, networking events abnd travel bursaries.

BAFTA Crew Film and TV is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded by the BFI with National Lottery funds, through the Skills Investment Funds. The programme is run in partnership with The Wellcome Trust and Creative England.

Read more about BAFTA Crew here.

2016-17 Bafta Crew Participants

* new member this year

*Aashish Gadhvi, Environmental Assistant. Credits include: Alice Through The Looking Glass, Beauty and the Beast

Abramo De Licio, Camera

*Adam El-Sharawy, Editing. Credits include: A League of Their Own, Evidence of Existence, Shut it Down, Chrissy B Show

*Adam Easton, Composing. Credits include: The Manners of Downton Abbey (PBS), Restoring Britain’s landmarks (Channel 4), Spider House (BBC), Out of Jail and On the Streets (BBC1)

*Adel Sagidulina, Production Management. Credits include: Life and Death Row, The Great Big Romanian Invasion, Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia, Outrageous Acts of Science

Adriene Whitwell, Locations Dept- Assistant Location Manager & Location Scout

Adrienne Taylor, Sound

*Afia Nkrumah, Researcher/Assistant Producer. Credits include: Child Slavery with Rageh Omaar, Enduring Love, Chocolate The Bitter Truth

Al Rogers, Editing                                                                   

Alan Tony Frances, Sound (Production)                                             

*Albert Testani, Production Management. Credits include: Shaun the Sheep Movie, Shaun the Sheep – The Farmer’s Llamas, Shaun the Sheep – Series 5                         

*Aleksandar Gvozdenovic Bajac, Camera. Credits include: The Contract, The Whirl, Drifters, I ja imam talenat (Serbia’s Got Talent TV Show)                                                 

Alex Metcalfe, Camera                                                          

Alex Nevill, Camera                                                   

*Alex Veitch, Camera. Credits include: The Syndicate (series 3), Marvellous, Extremis, Entity

*Alex Harwood, Composing. Credits include: Yeti or Not?, What a Performance! Pioneers of Popular Entertainment, Girlfriend in a Coma, Dreaming of Denmark

*Alexa Waugh, Production Management. Credits include: Running the World, Demolition Man, The Dog Rescuers, Pandorica

*Alexandra Oliver, Production Management. Credits include: My Grandfather The Spy, First Sign of Love, Petroleum Spirit

*Alexandra Blue, Production Management. Credits include: The Babadook, ’71, The Lobster, The Midnight Beast Series 2

*Aleysha Minns, Locations/production. Credits include: ID2: Shadwell Army, Beautiful Devils, Star Wars Episode 8, On the Yorkshire Buses

*Alice Webster, Art Department. Credits include: ID2: Shadwell Army, Bliss!, Mum’s List, The Marker

Amy Swan, Editing                                                                 

Ana Ricardo, Art Department                                    

Andrea Cuadrado, Editing                                                                

*Andrea Possee, Composer. Credits include: Catskin, The Devil’s Rock

Andrew Harris, Art Department                                               

Andrew Jones, Visual Effects                                                  

*Andrew Tulloch, Visual Effects. Credits include: Pan, Thor: The Dark World, John Carter, The Dark Knight                                                  

*Andrew New, Account. Credits include: Maleficent, Cinderella, Pan, Poldark

Andrew Whiteoak, Hair and Make Up                                    

Andrew Simon McAllister, Composing                                                

Andy Morgan, Location Management                                  

Andy Vyse, Production Management                        

Angela Effanga, Production Management                            

Angus Devey-Robson, Sound (Production)                                        

*Angus Young, Camera. Credits include: Peep Show (Series 9), Catastrophe (Series 2), Galavant (Series 2), David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive

Angus Mitchell, Camera                                                         

Ann Evelin Lawford, Camera                                                 

*Anna Thomas, Art Department. Credits include: Denial, Bourne 5, Me Before You, Bastille Day

*Anna Marie Ramm, Camera. Credits include: Learning To Breathe, Benjamin Britten – Peace and Conflict                                   

Anne T. Delaney, Costume                                                      

Annie Rowe, Casting                                                  

Annie Russell, Hair and Make Up                                            

Antonis Tsoukatos, Sound (Production)                                              

Aris Anastassopoulos, Sound (Production)                                         

Asad Qureshi, Camera                                                           

Ashton Radcliffe, Production Management                           

Barbara Elum-baldres, Costume                                                         

*Barry Moen, Editing. Credits include: Snow In Paradise, Beautiful Devils, The Rise of the Krays, Sixteen                              

Ben Astill, Assistant Director                                        

*Ben Margitich, Camera. Credits include: Emirates FA Cup (Every Game’s an Adventure), Stand UP to Cancer (Adam Hill), Dynamo (Season 4 finale, “The Shard”), I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse (BBC3)

Ben Desmond, Script Supervisor                                             

Bertil Mulvad, Camera                                                           

*Beth Aynsley, Development. Credits include: Second Coming, Nick Helm’s Heavy Entertainment, The Level

Bojan Brbora, Camera                                                           

Bradley Morgan Johnson, Art Department                                         

*Brendan Jenkins, Editing. Credits include: Happy Feet 2, Mad Max: Fury Road, Ten Billion 

Brenna Rangott, Editing                                                                      

*Bruce Carmichael, Camera. Credits include: Two Doors Down, Outlander, Puffer’s Progress

Caitlin Wilcox, Production Management                               

Carlene Garvey, Production Management                           

Carlos Ciudad, Visual Effects                                                 

*Carly Reddin, Art Department. Credits include: The Face of an Angel, Hello Carter           

Caroline Bridges, Camera                                                      

Cassandra Roberts, Editing                                                                

*Caterina Boselli, Location Management. Credits include: Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Red 2              

Catherine Goldschmidt, Camera                                                       

*Cei Frampton, Sound (Production). Credits include: The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Nightingale (Wonder Woman)

*Charlie Marbles, Editing. Credits include: Elite New Face, Red Bull Street Style       

Charlie Morton, Editing                                                                       

Charlie Thompson, Editing                                                                  

*Charlotte Partt, Sound (Post Production). Credits include: Between Two Worlds, One Night in Instanbul               

*Charlotte Hill, Assistant Director. Credits include: Chicken, Kilo Two Bravo (Kajaki), Chubby Funny           

Charlotte White, Hair and Make Up                                       

Cheyne McCorkindale, Production Management                             

Chris Jones, Camera                                                  

Chris Hatcher, Camera                                                           

Chris Maclean, Sound (Post Production)                               

*Christopher Sharman, Camera. Credits include: The Ghost of Peter Sellers, Eden Lodge, The Village That’s Falling into the Sea (BBC1), Restoring England’s Heritage (BBC2)                

*Christopher Frith, Editing. Credits include: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation                                                           

Christopher Chow, Editing                                                                 

*Christopher Barnett, Music Composition. Credits include: Borrowed Time, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story, The First Film, Stag Night of the Dead              

Claire Tailyour, Editing                                                            

Claire Campbell, Production Management

Clare James, Production Management                                 

Colin Arnold, Editing                                                              

*Connor Hutton, Composing. Credits include: Exodus: Gods and Kings, ZhongKui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal, The Siege, SOS: The Titanic Inquiry                            

Craig Rihoy, Sound (Production)                                           

Dan Chater, Art Department                                      

*Dani Abram, Visual Effects. Credits include: The Pirates in An Adventure with Scientists, The Numtums, Let’s Play, Driver Dan’s Story Train              

Daniel Vincze, Art Department                                               

Daniel Garcia Robbles, Editing                                                                      

Danny Angell, Sound (Production)                                        

Darko Mocilnikar, Sound (Production)                                               

*Darryl Peat, Sound (Production). Credits include: Daphne, Victoria, Lies We Tell                

*Dave Sohanpal, Sound (Production). Credits include: The Weekend, The Habit of Beauty, Rearview, The Naked Choir               

David Aston, Sound (Post Production)                                   

David Woodyer, Editing                                                                     

David Chaudoir, Visual Effects                                                           

David Lee, Camera                                                    

Dawid Pietkiewicz, Camera                                                   

Dean McLeod, Art Department                                              

*Dean Noutsos, Assistant Directors. Credits include: Starfish, Comedian’s Guide to Survival, Set the Thames on Fire, Fifty                      

Derrick Peters, Camera                                                           

*Des Whelan, Camera. Credits include: Miss Peregrine’s Home, Fantastic Beasts, Fury, A Good Day to Die Hard                                   

Diana Olifirova            , Camera                                                        

*Dionisia Cirasola, Art Department. Credits include: Ben Hur, Gateway of Love, Airborne, Twenty8k          

Domenico Palomba, Camera                                                

Dominic Sikking, Art Department                                           

*Dominic Beeput, Editing. Credits include: The Pusher, Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords  

Dominic Alderson, Visual Effects                                                         

*Don McVey, Camera . Credits include: The First Film, The Price of Love, Deviation: A Journey Into Night               

Duncan Leishman, Production Management

*Eduardo Rodrigalvarez, Production Management. Credits include: Black Mirror 3, Cuckoo (series 3), The Javone Prince Show, Breaking the Bank        

*Edward Rastelli-Lewis, Production Management. Credits include: The Black Prince, Stabat Mater, Arthur & Merlin, The War I Knew

*Eleanor Cotton, Editing. Credits include: I Want My Wife Back, Midwinter of the Spirit, Cradle to Grave, The Trials of Jimmy Rose                                                    

*Ellen Clark, Production Management. Credits include: The Last Panthers, This is England ’90, Victoria      

*Emily-Jane Robinson, Camera. Credits include: Fourever, Drunken Butterflies, Country of Hotels, MI-5       

Emma Hanson, Production Management                              

Emma Lindow, Production Management                              

*Emma Edwards, Camera. Credits include: World War Z, Sherlock Series III, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, Death Defying Acts

*Emma Green, Production Management. Credits include: Wild and Weird, Winterwatch, Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures

*Emma Collins, Editing . Credits include: Diddy TV, Millie Inbetween, United We Fall, Gypo                         

Eno Enefiok, 1st Assistant Director                                            

Erick Kwashie, Production Management                                

*Erin Large, Assistant Director. Credits include: Mum’s List, Eliminator, Beautiful Devils, Dr Strange               

Esther Hegarty, Personal Assistant to Directors                        

*Esther Collas, Assistant Director. Credits include: Call The Midwife, The A Word, Cold Feet

Evgeny Sinelnikov, Camera                                                   

Fabiola Bastianelli, Hair and Make Up                                    

*Felix Schmilinsky, Camera. Credits include: Red Kingdom Rising, A Moving Image, My Brother The Devil, Normandy ’44: The Battle Beyond D-Day                  

Fernando Ruiz, Camera                                                         

Fiona Mehrabany, Production Management                         

Florah Uddin, Assistant Director                                              

*Folasade Oyeleye, Editing. Credits include: Looking for Love, The Rothchilds, Crime Stories, Holly Oaks                            

Frances Darvell White, Hair and Make Up                                          

*Fraser McArthur, Research. Credits include: The Mart, Landward                             

Gail Jenkinson, Camera                                                         

*Gary Parkhurst, Camera. Credits include: Taskmaster, MasterChef                          

*Gavin Foden, Director / VFX Coordinator. Credits include: Pan, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Cinderella, Maleficent

Gemma Wright, Producer and 2nd Assistant                          

*Gemma Royston, Production Management. Credits include: Coronation Street, Celebrity Big Brother 2016, Dickinson’s Real Deal 

*Gerry Vasbenter, Camera. Credits include: Worm, The Hatching, Taking Stock, Bridget Jones’ Baby        

*Glen Warrillow, Camera. Credits include: Servants Quarters, Unhallowed Ground, Attacking the Devil, The Devil’s Bargain           

Guido Schneider, Sound (Production)                                               

*Hannah Spice, Art Department. Credits include: How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Dr Foster, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher          

Harry Eagle, Production Management                                   

Harry Connolly , Editing                                                                      

*Heidi Freeman, Editing. Credits include: Doctor Thorne, A Way Through the Storm, Tracker, Bright Young Things                                     

Helen Quinn, Hair and Make Up                                             

Helen Miles, Sound (Post Production)                         

*Helen Carr, Visual Effects. Credits include: In the Heart of the Sea, Hunger Games, Man of Steel, Avatar             

*Helen Swanwick-Thorpe, Production Management. Credits include: Beauty and the Beast, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Lolo, Night of the Museum III

*Hugh Sherlock, Sound (Production). Credits include: The Dresser, This Beautiful Fantastic, Broadchurch II, Dark Angel  

Ian Heard, Location Management                                         

*Ian Palmer, Sound (Post Production). Credits include: Parch, 35 Diwrnod, Allies, Mandorla

Ian Baigent, Editing                                                                

*Ieva Sabaliauskaite, Production. Credits include: Brotherhood, Housefull 3                        

Ilaria Fulvio, Camera                                                  

Iona Smith Oliver, Costume                                                    

Isona Rigau, Art Department  

*Jack Whitney, Sound (Post Production). Credits include: A Dark Song, The Power, Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama, Mercenaries

Jacopo Miceli, Production Management                              

James Martin, Camera                                                           

*James Jones, Music composer. Credits include: The Three Day Nanny, Rich Kids of Instagram, Touching the Wild, The Muckers       

*James McWilliam, Sound (Post Production). Credits include: Born of War, The Patrol, Don’t Look Down, Scrappers       

James Hayday, Sound (Post-Production)                                                       

James Melrose, Camera                                                         

*James Dingle, Editing . Credits include: The Three of Us, Rise of the Footsoldier Part II, A Country at War: Life on the Home Front in Hertfordshire, Fractured Minds             

Jamey-Leigh Weber, Hair and Make Up                                             

*Jamie Salisbury, Sound (Post Production). Credits include: Sugar Free Farm (ITV), Up All Night (The Friday Download Movie), The Dead End, An Alternative Christmas Message (Channel 4)

*Jeffrey Michael, Costume. Credits include: Set the Thames On Fire, Blue Borsalino, Cagefighter, To Love and to Cherish                               

Jeffrey Boult, Editing                                                               

Jerry Pradon, Camera                                                

*Jess Heath, Hair and Make Up. Credits include: The Rizen, Canaries, The Gatehouse, The Woman in Black II           

*Jessica Mitchell, Camera. Credits include: Flight of the Butterflies, The Queens Garden, Attenborough Fabulous Frogs                        

Jo Conti, Costume                                                     

Jo Sweeting, Hair and Make Up                                             

Jo Evans, Production Management                           

*Joan Bordera Benaiges, Camera. Credits include: Comedian’s Guide to Survival, Soul Broken Sky                                  

Joanna Thapa, Production Management                              

Joao L. C. Da Silva, Camera                                                 

*Jodie Al-Saiegh, Hair and Make Up. Credits include: Untitled Martin Campbell Film, Still Open All Hours, Benidorm        

*Jodie Marie Spencer, Hair and Make Up. Credits include: The Evermoor Chronicles (Disney), Houdini and Doyle  (ITV/Fox), Jericho (ITV), The Lime House Golem                       

Joe Kotroczo, Production Management                                

*Joel Honeywell, Camera. Credits include: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, 6 Days                         

John West, Art Department                                         

*Joshua Bosley, Camera. Credits include: Assassins Creed, Modern Life is Rubbish, The Library, 2015 Sky Sports Cricket Season                                   

Joss Albert, Composer                                                

Julia Riding, Editing                                                                

Julie Bills, Camera                                                      

*Juliet Shardlow, Production Management. Credits include: Edward St Aubyn: At Last? The Culture Show), Articulation: The Culture Show, Paul Smith: The Culture Show, Hanif Kureishi: The Culture Show

*Justine Barker, Composer. Credits include: Suspects, Crime Stories, Holby City                  

Karen Cluskey, Camera                                                         

*Karla Guimaraes, Editing. Credits include: People’s Heath – Brazil: The Real Drugs War, Caught on Camera, Off The Beaten Track, The Diana Clone                                             

Karmjit Kalla, Costume                                                           

Kasia Malipan, Production Management                              

Kate Larking, Production Management                                 

*Katherine Pearl, Production Management. Credits include: A Portrait of Yuja Wang, Marcella, Tripped, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

*Katie Olds, Camera. Credits include: Tonight with Julie Etchingham, The Queen’s Speech, ITV News at Ten, Channel 5 News         

Katie Player, Production Management                                  

Katren Wood, Art Department                                    

*Katrina Howie, Assistant Producer in post-production. Credits include: World Dart Championships 2016, US Open 2015

Kayleigh Powell, Art Department                                           

Keith Durham, Camera                                                          

Kelly Lappin, Production Management                                  

*Kelvin Richard, Camera. Credits include: Hetty Feather, Walter’s War, Postcode, Live From Abbey Road (Series 1 and 2)                                   

Kim Seber, Camera                                                    

Konstantina Markopoulou, Vision engineering                                              

Kristen Griffin, Camera                                                

*KT Roberts, Assistant Director. Credits include: King Arthur, The Conjuring 2, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Aliens   

Kumi Kamegawa, Editing                                                                   

Laura Radford, Camera                                                         

Laura Vaakanainen, Hair and Make Up                                            

*Laura D’Asta, Art Department. Credits include: Chasing Robert Barker, Desi Rascals (episode 8), After Death (Death), All In the Value                                 

*Lauren James, Production Management. Credits include: Knight of the Round Table: King Arthur, The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, Pan        

*Lauren Jerome, Casting. Credits include: Safe House, Marcella                              

Lauren Miller, Costume                                                           

Leila Mauro, Hair and Make Up

*Leon Seth, Locations and Production Management. Credits include: Journeyman, Brief Encounters, Dad’s Army, This is England ‘90                                

*Liannah Pile, Production Management. Credits include: Wrath of the Titans, Mad Max: Fury Road, Thor: The Dark World, Game of Thrones (Series 2)         

*Lianne Hickey, Production Management. Credits include: Got What it Takes?, Liberty of London

*Lili Lea Abraham, Art Department. Credits include: The Halcyon, Modern Life is Rubbish, The Jungle Books: Origins, The Carer       

Lilles Whitby, Visual Effects                                                      

Lisa Forrest, Editing                                                                  

Lisa Byrne, Production Management                         

*Lizzie Evans, Production Management. Credits include: Holby City, Dickensian, Spectre   

*Llinos Griffiths, Television development. Credits include: Don’t Go Outside; Great South American Bake Off; Mud, Sweat and Gears.         

Louise Lynch, Production Management                                 

*Louise Lynch, Trainee producer. Credits include: Russel and Jameela, Hamartia, BBC Casualty                

Lucy Johnstone, Sound (Post Production)                              

Luke Bryant, Camera                                                  

*Luke Smith, Visual Effects. Credits include: Allies, UFO, Keith Lemon Sketch Show, Nina Conti Clowning Around

*Lydia Lewis, Camera. Credits include: High-Rise, Bobby, Coalition, The Dog-Thrower

Maeve O’Connell, Camera                                                    

*Magda Kowalczyk, Camera. Credits include: Sable Fable, Return of the Don                   

Marcus Samperi, Camera                                                       

Mari Yamamura, Camera                                                      

*Maria Antal, Music Composer. Credits include: War and Peace, Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn                                   

*Marie-Anne Fischer, Composer. The Final Haunting, Kenneth, Arrivederci Rosa, I Believe in Monsters                                 

Mark Lacey, Assistant Director                                    

Mark Prusten, Visual Effects                                                     

Mark Graham, Editing                                                            

*Marta Baidek, Visual Effects. Credits include: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Perculiar Children, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jungle Book: Origins, Avengers: Age of Ultron

Martin Newstead, Camera                                                     

Martina Silcock, Production Management                            

Martyn Culpan, Camera                                                        

Mathew Birch, Sound (Production)                                        

Mathieu Karsenti, Sound (Post Production)                            

Matt Wynne, Art Department                                      

Matt Choules, Camera                                                           

*Matthew Whiteside, Composer. Credits include: Michael Palin’s Quest for Artemisia, Anna Unbound, The Loudest Sound

*Matthew Hughes, Sound (Production). Credits include: Escape to the Country (Series 15 and 16), Thirteen, Hitched                       

*Matthew Perrin, Visual Effects. Credits include: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Hustman: Winter’s War, The Legend of Tarzan, Victor Frankenstein                               

*Matthias Wood Chambon, Production Management. Credits include: David Brent: Life on the Road, The Sense of an Ending, Project Bandana, Jawbone      

Maxine Carlier, Art Department                                              

*Mei Leng Yew, Editing. Credits include: UEFA Champions League Magazine Show, Euro Qualifiers: The Road to France, Freddie Flintoff: Lord of the Fries                            

Melanie Lenihan, Hair and Make Up                                      

Mhairi Macritchie, Sound (Post Production)                           

Michael O’Kelly, Production Management                            

*Michael Hannan, Camera. Credits include: Absolutely Anything, Call the Midwife, By Any Means, Uncle (Season 1)                              

Michelle Lord, Editing                                                             

*Milo Burridge, Runner. Credits include: Churchill’s Secret, Nish Kumar’s Christmas, Lolly Adefobe’s Christmas, Out of the Park: Europe                     

Mirofora Panayiotou, Production Management                                

Monty Allan, Location Management                                     

*Morgan Kennedy, Art Department. Credits include: Anthrapoid, Babylon, The Sweeney, The Broken        

*Nadine Richardson, Sound (Production). Credits include: National Lottery (Please Not Them), Bridget Jones Diary, Derren Brown’s The Push, Is This Rape – Sex On Trail    

Natasha Ball, Art Department                                    

Natasha Torin, Production Management                               

Nathaniel Hill, Camera                                                           

Navkiranjit Dhaliwal, Production Management                                 

Neil Johnson, Camera                                                

Neil Bradley, Camera                                                 

*Neil Lenthall, Editing. Credits include: You Can Tutu, The Other Possibility                          

Nerys Nicholls, Production Management                               

*Nicholas Dalby, Colour Grading. Credits include: For No Good Reason, Peaky Blinders (Series 1 and 2), Shut Up and Play the Hits, Svengali                       

Nick Brown, Camera                                                  

Nicola Daley, Camera                                                           

Nigel Buck, Editing                                                                 

*Nigel Mattison, Production Management. Credits include: Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, The Levelling, Tommy’s Honour        

*Nigel Bunyan, Editing. Credits include: New Tricks, Spooks, Waterloo Road, On a Knife Edge

Nikki Mcchristie, Editing                                                                      

Noel Probyn, Camera                                                

Noni Couell, Production Management                                  

Nuria Perez, Camera                                                  

Oliver Hickey, Camera                                                           

Owen Shirley, Sound (Post Production)                                  

*Paolo Guglielmotti, Assistant Director Department. Credits include: Gholam, Bypass, Exhibition, Pusher

Paul Keyworth, Sound (Production)               

Paul Frost, Art Department                                          

Paul Rowan, Art Department                                     

*Pauline Lam, Editing. Credits include: Schadenfreude, A Reasonably Good Bloke             

*Pete Wallington, Camera. Credits include: Solitary, Screwed, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides                        

*Peter Mayne, Composer. Credits include: Land of the Midnight Sun with Alexander Armstrong, I Never Knew That About Britain, Paul O’Grady and the Salvation Army, The Dark Ages: An Age of Light                                   

*Peter Stewart, Editing. Credits include: Murder in Paradise, Fourever, Dispatches, Hunted  

*Peter Marsden, Camera. Credits include: Mr Turner, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Gravity, Argo                                   

Peter Fraser, Production Management                                   

Phil Meachem, Production Management                              

Philip Hookway, Editing                                                                      

Philip Scaife, Editing                                                               

Philip King, Production Management                        

Philipp Karg, Production Management                                  

Philiy Page, Production Management                        

Polly Rose, Editing                                                                  

Prakash Patel, Editing                                                             

Rachael Ellis, Production Management                                 

Rachael Hallum, Hair and Make Up                                       

*Rachael Gordon, Visual Effects. Credits include: Game of Thrones (season 6), Dracula Untold

Rachel Durance, Editing                                                                     

Rachel Hoult, Editing                                                              

*Rachel Erskine, Editing. Credits include: Comancheria, Waterloo Road (series 10), River City

*Rachelle Constant, Producing. Credits include: BBC Taster: The Break, Two Dosas, Lewis, Agatha Christie: Poirot                                      

Rajesh Rajilal, Production Management                                

Rebecca Lloyd, Editing                                                                      

Rebecca Tredget, Costume                                                    

*Rebecca Coxon, Assistant Producer (Documentaries). Credits include: 24 Hours in Police Custody, Me and My New Brain, Watchdog Test House, Traders: Millions By the Minute

*Renzo Garcia, Sound (Production). Credits include: London Road, Me Before You, Dr Strange

Richard Smither, Editing

Richard Wood, Production Management      

Rick Mcleod, Camera

Ricky Milling, Editing   

Rob Wilton, Camera   

Robbie Gibbon, Editing          

*Robbie Morrison, Editing. Credits include: We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story, Narcopolis, David Gilmour: Wider Horizons, Love Me Do

Robert Leveritt, Sound (Post Production)        

*Robert Sealey, Editing. Credits include: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Mission: Impssible – Rogue Nation, In the Heart of the Sea

*Robert Kidd, Sound (Post Production). Credits include: Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, Galactica, Time Tower – Warwick Castle

*Robert Hart, Camera. Credits include: The Five, Miss You Already, Fortitude

*Robin Green, Sound (Post Production). Credits include: No Offence, Planetary, In the Shadow of the Moon, Consenting Adults

*Robin Schlochtermeier, Music. Credits include: Nicht Schon Wieder Rudi, The Spy Who Brought Down Mary Queen of Scots, Queens of Syria, The King’s War on Witches

*Robin Soutar, Costume. Credits include: Assassin’s Creed: Time Out of Mind, Knight of the Round Table: King Arthur, The Beat Beneath My Feet, Tulip Fever

Robyn Barresi, Assistant Director         

Rohan Thomas, Editing

*Rosie Westhoff, Assistant Director. Credits include: EastEnders, Between Two Worlds, Doctors, Midnight Beast

*Roslyn Hill, Production Management. Credits include: Old Boys, Another  Mother’s Son, Amoureux Solitaires, 45 Years

Ross Bradley, Editing   

Rowan Ashe, Production Management         

Roy Forberg, Production Management          

*Rupert Peddle, Camera. Credits include: Heretiks, The Wasting, Essex Boys: Retribution

Ryan McMurray, Sound (Production) 

*Ryan Pasi, Production Management. Credits include: Countryside 999, The TV That Made Me, Love it or List it, Holiday of My Lifetime with Len Goodman

Saffron Powell, Hair and Make Up      

*Sahil Gill, Editing. Credits include: And Then I Was French, Down to Earth, Jail Caesar, Yellow Fever

Sam Morris, Camera   

Sam Redwood , Art Department         

Samantha Patterson, Camera

*Samuel Dore, Unit Stills Photographer. Credits include: Small World, Magic Hands, Dummy Jim

*Sarah Campbell, Production Management. Credits include: Katie: My Beautiful Friends, 2014 Commonwealth Games

*Sarah Edwards, Camera. Credits include: I Am The Prize, Too Ugly For Love?, Grand Designs

*Scott Spencer, Production. Credits include: Live TV

*Scott Edwards, Editing. Credits include: Violent Child Desperate Parents, 1000 Heartbeats, Decimate, Celebrity Fifteen to One         

*Shibbir            Ahmed, Camera. Credits include: Undercover, Capital, The Danish Girl, A.D. The Bible Continues

Shiraz Ksaiba, Camera           

Sian Jenkins, Production Management          

Sian Leigh, Hair and Make Up

*Siân Fever, Editing. Credits include: Call the Midwife, My Mad Fat Diary

Silvia Bellitto, Script Supervisor

Simon Quinn, Production Management         

Simon Rowling, Camera        

*Simon Starling, Editing. Credits include: Silent Witness (series 19), New Tricks (series 11 and 12), Waterloo Road

Simone Macdonald, Special Effects  

Simone Khoury            , Production Management     

*Siobhan Daly, Production Management. Credits include: BAFTA Guru, Realms, Home

*Siona Davis, Production Management. Credits include: You Can Tutu, The Limehouse Golem, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Smitha Kalkuzhi, Production Management    

Sophie Coppola, Hair and Make Up 

*Sophie Kenny, Assistant Directors. Credits include: Black Mirror, Modern Life is Rubbish, And Then There Were None, Doctor Foster

Spencer Pawson, Production Management  

Stephen Gallacher, Assistant Director

Stephen Teers, Editing 

Steve Simmons , Art Department         

Steve Thomas, Sound (Production)    

Steven Waltham, Editing        

Steven Worsley, Editing          

*Stuart Learmonth, Assistant Directors. Credits include: Doctor Thorne, The Scandalous Lady W, Cuckoo (series 2)

Stuart Williams, 1st Assistant Director

Stuart Nelhams, Editing           

Tabitha Quitman, Art Department      

Tamsin Collins, Production Management       

Tania Freimuth, Camera         

Teresa  de Miguel, Art Department     

Theajo Dharan, Visual Effects 

Thomas Kelpie, Editing

Thomas Wade, Camera         

*Thomas Pitt, Production Management. Credits include: ID2: Shadwell Army, Road Games, Amar, Akbar & Tony, The Last Tribe

Tim Overson, Art Department 

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*Tom Ward, Sound (Production). Credits include: Hollyoaks, Poppy Shakespeare   

Tom Blount, Camera  

Tommy Zalucki, Editing

Trace Taylor, Editing    

Tracy Saven, Editing   

Tracy Joss, Editing       

Umar Mohammed, Production Runner

*Vanessa Preuss, Costume. Credits include: The A Word, Drifters (series 3), Eddie the Eagle, The Lady in the Van

Velina  Iankova, Hair and Make Up   

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Victoria Hanna, Camera        

Wendy Cairns, Art Department           

Will Winfield, Editing    

XaioXaio Sun, Editing 

Xavier Jackson, Sound (Production)  

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Zoe Davis, Editing       

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*Zoe Turner, Production Management. Credits include: Officially Amazing (series 4 and 5), Underground Britain, Egypt’s Lost Queens