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Source: BAFTA/Marc Hoberman


Bafta has published its membership data, as part of its ongoing endeavours to diversify.

As of May 2023, the composition of Bafta’s membership is: 42:58 female:male (based on respondents who identify as such); 16% from underrepresented ethnic groups; 7% with a disability; and 12% LGBTQIA+.

It is a requirement of voting members before casting votes or accessing content on Bafta’s official streaming platform Bafta View to participate in this survey.

Over 2,500 creatives from film, games and television globally have joined the organisation since 2020, bringing the total number of global members to over 11,500.

Bafta set out its diversity targets in the 2020 Bafta Review, created in line with UK broadcasters, industry organisations and census data of the UK working age population. Aims included introducing at least 1,000 new voting members over next two years with a strong focus on recruiting from under-represented groups.

The review was spearheaded by Bafta chair Krishnendu Majumdar following the outcry triggered by the all-white acting nominees that year. This year, the nominees, if not the winners, were more diverse and in a letter to members today Majumdar called on the whole of the industry to do more. 

”When it comes to Awards, we remain resolute that creative excellence must stand above all else,” wrote Majundar. ”We continue to consult with the industry as part of the Bafta Review and feedback is loud and clear – setting diversity quotas for voting is not the answer. However, we know that for so many talented people across the screen industries, it’s still not a fair race from the start. We simply don’t all have the same opportunity to tell our stories.   

”That’s why we must continue to call on the industry’s gatekeepers and decision makers to recognise their critical role in a shared mission for a more equitable industry. We can all play a part in creating an industry that is better for future generations than the one we joined.” 

In 2022 Bafta launched a new membership tier Bafta Connect for emerging and mid-level creatives. To date, it has provided over 1,400 people from across the screen industries with a tailored programme of support. This year,  a Bafta Connect directory has been launched to facilitate introductions and recognition among its wider membership, in an effort to help tackle the ongoing crew shortages and skills gaps.

Sara Putt takes over from Majumdar as Bafta chair later this year.