EXCLUSIVE: Lottery funding will support the international sales companies’ trade body to support UK industry presence at three major festivals.

Through its International Fund, the BFI has awarded £160,000 of lottery funding to Film Export UK.

The funding will help the international sales companies’ trade body to support the UK industry presence, under the UK FILM banner, at three major international festivals: the EFM at Berlinale, Filmart in March and Toronto in September.

Film Export UK piloted the UK FILM Centre presence at the same three festivals last year. The brand was developed to bring together the UK’s public and commerical entities under one instantly recognisable marketing presence.

The development of the brand was included in the BFI’s Film Forever five year plan.

Isabel Davis [pictured], head of international for the BFI, commented: “UK FILM has already proven highly effective as a unifying brand that expresses our collective effort to promote and stimulate the UK’s offer in the international marketplace.”

“Providing umbrella stands at international markets and festivals has always been an important part of Film Export UK’s work to support the export efforts of sales companies but over the past year we have worked with BFI to transform them into attractive business spaces which promote the entire UK FILM offer,” added Peter Rogers, chair of Film Export UK.

“We are delighted to receive this backing from BFI Lottery International Fund to continue to deliver this invaluable service to the UK film industry at these key international events.”

The UK Film Centre stands are also funded by UK Trade & Investment and by fees from the participating public agencies and sales companies.