Cinema Management Group (CMG) has reported more than 30 sales deals on its Cannes slate of animated features and action films.

Animated 3D feature Zambezia, produced by Triggerfish Animation Studio and now in post-production, sold to Film House for Israel, Bloomage for South Korea, Praessens for Switzerland, Picture Works for India and Blancicia for Venezuela.

CMG pre-sold 3D animated feature Khumba to Film House for Israel and Blancicia for Venezuela. The Littlest Angel, a 3D CGI feature, sold to Lionsgate for the UK, Ascot Elite for Germany and Swen for Latin America.

Killer Bean, another 3D CGI title, went to Next Entertainment for South Africa; animated 3D feature The Adventures of the Little Prince was sold to PFA Films for Italy; and 3D animated feature Sarila sold to HPM China for China.

Action film House of the Rising Sun sold Atlantic Film for Scandinavia, Daro Film for CIS, JNCG and MediAsia for South Korea, Next Entertainment for South Africa, Suraya for the Philippines and Programs4 Media for the territories that formerly made up Yugoslavia.

Zombie action comedy Deadheads went to G2 for the UK, Emylia for France, Eagle Pictures for Australia and Front Row Entertainment for the Middle East.

Action thriller Blood Out, which CMG pre-sold at last year’s Cannes and Toronto, had its world premiere and sold to AT Entertainment for Japan, JNCG and MediAsia for South Korea and Programs4 Media for the former Yugoslavia.

Beverly Hills-based CMG also sold Jacked to JNCG and MediAsia in South Korea, thriller Liars All to Front Row for the Middle East and last year’s SXSW Audience Award winner Brotherhood to MovieOn for Italy.