EXCLUSIVE: 3D film project sells to the likes of Australia and Poland.

More deals have been confirmed for the 3D film project Cathedrals of Culture exploring the souls of six iconic buildings, which will have its world premiere in the Berlinale Special sidebar on Feb 12.

Speaking exclusively to Screen, veteran actor-director Robert Redford recalled that he had been “obviously intrigued” when contacted by Wim Wenders to participate with “a film about a building that speaks to you.” Redford chose the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jalla, California for his episode.

Apart from Germany’s NFP, theatrical distribution is also planned by Madman Entertainment (Australia) and Against Gravity (Poland).

The latest broadcasters to have acquired the six 3D films from Tel Aviv-based sales agent Cinephil include ORF (Austria), WOWWOW (Japan), NRK (Norway) and UR TV (Sweden).

Pre-sales had been made last year to broadcasters ARTE (France), RBB (Germany), SBS Australia, DR TV (Denmark), YES Docu (Israel), Sky 3D (Italy), Canal Plus (Spain), RTV Slovenija and RTVS (Slovakia).