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Source: Ablaze Image

‘The Scoundrels’

Taipei-based Ablaze Image has sold Taiwanese animation On Happiness Road to Eurozoom for France and Media Solutions Partners for Spain. Sung Hsin Yin’s debut animation feature, about the homecoming of a young woman after living years in the US, won the grand prize at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival last week.

Separately, Ablaze has picked up international rights to The Scoundrels, a Taiwanese action crime drama about a former basketball star who becomes the suspect in a bank robbery and the only witness who can clear his name is in a coma.

The film is the debut feature for Hung Tzu Hsuan from a script by Golden Bell award-winning writer Huang Chien Ming (Wake Up). It stars Wu Kang Ren, JC Lin and Hsieh Hsin Ying, and key heads of department include Golden Horse-nominated cinematographer Chen Ko Chin (Shuttle Life).