EXCLUSIVE: British company working for the second time with FG Film Productions.

Increasingly ambitious British production sales and financing outfit GFM Films has boarded Stonerunner

The sci fi family epic is an Australian CGI animation feature film and will be produced by Peter and Caroline Campbell’s Accent Media Group, FG Film Productions (Australia) and Rodney Whitham. The Jungle Book 2’s Steve Trenbirth is to direct the film.

Producers Peter and Caroline Campbell started Accent Film Entertainment in 2003 and are leading independent film and home entertainment distributors & producers.  

Antony I Ginnane of FG Films introduced the project to GFM during Cannes this year. GFM partner Michael Ryan commented that “we were all quickly taken with the story and script of Stonerunner and could see its transmedia applications to video games, apps and potential TV spin-offs.”

The film is the second project which GFM and Ginnane have partnered on. They are also working together on Kimble Rendall’s thriller Blowback.

Stonerunner is set in a distant future as a 14 year old boy – Tyson – stares out over the ruins of a long forgotten civilisation which we soon come to realise is planet earth. When he stumbles across a long abandoned sophisticated war machine, a strange and powerful meeting of minds occurs and a strong friendship is formed. Together they find themselves caught up in a battle against the evil dictator Delacorte and his army of the Old Guard.