European support body Eurimages has selected 28 features for a total of €6.1m ($6.9m) funding, including new works by Robert Guédiguian and Jim Sheridan.

French filmmaker Guédiguian – who has directed 21 features since 1981 including his most recent, Venice 2019 selection Gloria Mundi – receives €470,000 ($532,000) for France-Canada co-production Bamako Twist.

Ireland’s Sheridan, who has been nominated for six Oscars across his career since his breakthrough debut feature My Left Foot, receives €280,000 ($317,000) for Ireland-UK-France documentary In Absentia, co-directed with Colm Quinn. The documentary looks into the murder of French producer Sophie Toscan Du Plantier in Ireland, in December 1996.

Other projects awarded include Carla Simon’s Spain-France co-production Alcarras, and Happy Holidays from Palestinian filmmaker Scandar Copti. 

Simon’s debut Summer 1993 won best first feature at the 2017 Berlinale; she receives €380,000 ($430,000) for her second film. Copti’s debut feature Ajami – which he co-directed with Yaron Shani – was a best foreign-language film Oscar nominee in 2010 for Israel; his Germany-Palestine-France-Turkey co-production receives €190,000 ($215,000).

The Eurimages Fund backed 19 fiction, seven documentary and two animation projects in its latest round of awards. Scroll down for the complete list.

Of the supported projects, 37.5% were directed by women, with €2.1m ($2.4m, or 34%) of the funding going to these projects.

The Eurimages Board also voted to grant €6,000 ($6,790) for the online edition of European Film Promotion’s Voices of Women initiative; and €5,000 ($5,650) for an online publication by the Carla conference on gender parity.

With much of Europe still on some degree of lockdown and international travel a substantial obstacle, the 158th meeting of the Eurimages Fund where decisions were signed off was held online.

Eurimages Fund Co-production support 2020

Sabattier Effect (N Mac-Ser) dir. Elenora Veninova - €88,000
Lucy Goes Gangsta (Ger-Neth) dir. Till Endemann - €150,000
Sleep (Neth-Bel) dir. Jan-Willem Van Ewijk - €230,000
Pink Moon (ex Methusalem) (Neth-It-Slove) dir. Floor van der Meulen - €250,000
Kerr (Tur-Gre-Fr) dir. Tayfun Pirselimoglu - €70,000
Storm (Nor-Swe) dir. Erika Calmeyer - €200,000
Three (Sp-Fr-Lith) dir. Juanjo Giménez - €300,000
Boy From Heaven (Swe-Fr-Fin) dir. Tarik Saleh - €470,000
A Greyhound Of A Girl (Lux-It) dir. Enzo D’Alo - €430,000
The Flats (Fr-Bel-UK-Ire) dir. Alessandra Celesia - €110,000
In Absentia (Ire-UK-Fr) dirs. Colm Quinn, Jim Sheridan
Shanghai Youth (Fr-Lux-China-Neth) dir. Wang Bing - €130,000
Bamako Twist (Fr-Can) dir. Robert Guédiguian - €470,000
Dreamers (Switz-Ger) dirs. Stéphanie Barbey, Luc Peter - €100,000
Stray Bodies (Gre-Switz-It-Bul) dir. Elina Psykou - €139,000
Saving One Who Was Dead (Cze-Slova) dir. Vaclav Kadrnka - €120,000
Power Of Love (Ger-Fin) dir. Jonas Rothlaender - €120,000
Dry Land (Pol-It-Cze) dir. Agnieszka Woszczynska - €180,000
Joan Verra (Fr-Ger-Ire) dir. Laurent Larivière - €400,000
Happy Holidays (Ger-Pal-Fr-Tur) dir. Scandar Copti - €190,000
La Abuela (Sp-Fr) dir. Paco Plaza - €250,000
Alcarràs (Sp-It) dir. Carla Simon - €380,000
My Fairy Troublemaker (Lux-Ger) dir. Caroline Origer - €500,000
See You Friday Robinson (Fr-Switz) dir. Mitra Farahani - €120,000
Every Single Minute (Cze-Slova) dir. Erika Hnikova - €61,000
As I Close My Eyes (Switz-Bul-Fr) dir. Konstantin Bojanov - €160,000
The Conference (Rus-Est) dir. Ivan Tverdovsky - €80,000
How I Learned To Fly (Ser-Bul-Cro) dir. Radivoje Raša Ancic - €150,000