IM Global has announced sales of BBC Earth Films’ Enchanted Kingdom 3D to territories including France, Germany, China, Korea and Russia.

After a private trailer presentation at the Cannes market the $25m wildlife film sold to Metropolitan for France, DFW for Benelux, Constantin for Germany, E1 for Canada, New View for China and Uni Korea for Korea. EEAP acquired the film for Russia and Eastern Europe, Gulf for the Middle East, Forum for Israel, Star for pay TV in Asia, Village for Greece, Pinema for Turkey, Samfilm for Iceland and EIM for airline screenings.

Produced by BBC Earth Films with Evergreen Films and Reliance Entertainment, the film will use innovative 3D technology to create visually immersive cinema.

Said IM Global CEO Stuart Ford: “I think the marketplace is well acquainted now with the unbelievably high calibre of work that BBC Earth Films are capable of. Although huge in ambition, this project is right in their sweet spot and the strong buyer reaction doesn’t surprise me.”