IMAX in partnership with CJ CGV Holdings, operator of South Korea’s largest multiplex cinema chain, has announced the addition of 35 new IMAX theatres to the companies’ existing commitment in South Korea and China.

The deal includes five previously optional, but now confirmed, theatres in Korea as well as 30 theatres to be installed in new construction projects across China.

In addition, CJ CGV has agreed to instal IMAX’s next-generation laser digital projection system in a theatre within each South Korean metropolitan area by the end of 2015.

“We are delighted to expand our IMAX network as it is a key strategy in supporting our growth across Asia Pacific, which has shown strong demand for IMAX’s immersive experience,” said Seo Jung, CEO of CJ CGV.

Monday’s [15] announcement brings CJ CGV’s IMAX commitment to a total of 95 theatres, with 20 in South Korea and 75 in China. IMAX currently has 133 theatres open in China with an additional 117 theatres in backlog, in other words there is a commitment in place but construction is yet to commence.