Jack Selby and Scott Stone’s LA-based Incognito Pictures and Madrid’s Intuition Films have teamed up to produce the genre film Hitsville.

Machete director Ethan Maniquis will direct the story about a pair of hitmen dispatched to eliminate a target on a mysterious island.

Noam Dromi and Lawrence Kubik wrote the screenplay from an original story by Joseph Ciutat.

Selby and Stone will produce alongside Intuition’s Patrick Juárez and Miguel Govea, who brought the project to Incognito. The producers plan to shoot in Barcelona and the Canary Islands.

Selby and Stone launched Incognito last year with a focus on commercial properties across all genres. The pipeline includes a feature adaptation of the drama Freeheld to star Ellen Page written by Philadelphia screenwriter Ron Nyswaner.

Intuition’s recent productions include Azur & Asmar and Isi Disi.