Film Bazaar CPM

Source: NFDC

Film Bazaar Co-Production Market

Film Bazaar Online, hosted by India’s National Film Development Corporation (NFDC), has announced the 20 projects selected for this year’s Co-Production Market (CPM), one of the key programmes of the event, which is taking place virtually November 20-25.

The 20 projects originate from 11 countries and feature a diverse range of Indian and European languages including Assamese, Bengali, English, German, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani and Malayalam (see full list below).

Among filmmakers pitching projects at the event are Nithin Lukose, whose last feature, Film Bazaar 2020 project Paka – River Of Blood, premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival; Nikhil Mahajan, who has won acclaim for Marathi-language features Pune 52, Baji and Godavari; and Afghan filmmaker Roya Sadat, whose 2017 A Letter To The President played at Locarno and Busan.

The selected filmmakers will pitch their projects to Indian and international producers, directors, programmers, financiers and sales agents at Open Pitch Online, which will be made available for delegates to watch in different time zones on the first day of Film Bazaar.


Ashwamedh (The Sacrifice) (India, UK)

Language: Hindi

Director: Ridham Janve

Producer: Kate Baxter, Five Fifty Five


Bena (Seed) (India)

Language: Marathi

Director & producer: Nitin Dixit

Producer: Addinath M. Kothare, Storyteller’s Nook


Blue (India, UK)

Language: English

Director & producer: Nilakshi Sengupta, Nilakshi Sengupta Communications & NSG Films


Bride Without Dowry (India, Germany, Sri Lanka)

Language: German, Tamil

Director: Jayakrishnan Subramanian

Director: Franziska Schönenberger

Producer: Maximilian Plettau, Nominal Film


Chevittorama (The Soul Whisperer) (Australia, India)

Language: Malayalam

Director: Leo Thaddeus

Producer: Stephen Zacharias, Stop Whinging

Producer: Vijay Jayapal, Tournage Productions

Producer: Harsh Agarwal & Aditya Grover, Uncombed Buddha Films


Deoka (Walking In The Air) (India)

Language: Assamese

Director: Dr. Bobby Sarma Baruah

Producer: Sulakhyana Baruah, Imaging Media


Ek Mutthi Badal (My Share of Sky) (Nepal)

Language: Nepali

Director: Sahara Sharma

Producer: Abhimanyu Dixit & Reecha Sharma, Gauthali Entertainment


Hashnouhana (The Strange Case Of A Divorce) (India)

Language: Bengali

Director: Debarati Gupta

Producer: Soumya Mukhopadhyay, Cherrypix Movies


Jolchhobi (Water Fresco) (Bangladesh, India)

Language: Bengali

Director: Tanha Zafreen

Producer: Mokhlesur Talukdar, Black Mirror Films

Producer: Ashutosh Mahapatra, Meta4 Films


Mathaka Wasthra (Memoria) (Sri Lanka)

Language: Sinhala, Tamil

Director: Dulanka Devendra

Producer: Rasitha Jinasena, Sky Entertainers


Mirpur Express (India)

Language: Hindi

Director: Aman Mahajan

Producer: Shankar Menon, Barking Beagle Films


My Mother’s Nose (India, Singapore)

Language: English, Tamil, Telugu

Director: Aditya Thayi

Producer: Samir Sarkar, Magic Hour Films


Pankaali (The Partner) (India)

Language: Malayalam

Director: Nithin Lukose

Producer: Raj Rachakonda, Studio 99


Raavsaaheb (India)

Language: Marathi

Director: Nikhil Mahajan

Producer: Akshay Bardapurkar, Planet Marathi

Producers: Jitendra Joshi & Nehha Pendse Bayas, Filmosphere


Safa (Bangladesh)

Language: Bengali

Director: Maksud Hossain

Producer: Barkat Hossain Polash, Verite Films


Scotch (India)

Language: English, Hindi, Konkani, Portuguese

Director: Siddharth Tripathy

Producer: Asit Kumarr Modi, Neela Film Productions


The Arrangements Of Love (India)

Language: English, Tamil

Director: Philip John

Producer: Sunitha Tati, Guru Films


The Forgotten History (Afghanistan, Spain)

Language: Dari

Director: Roya Sadat

Producer: Alba Sotorra Clua, Alba Sotorra SL


The Secret In The Wind (Hungary, India)

Language: English, Hindi

Director: Chandradeep Das

Producer: Valentine Nonyela, Unified Entertainment Production

Producer: Anil Patil, Cliff Edge Films

Producer: Nikita Ivanenko

Producer: András Muhi, FocusFox


To Kill The One You Love (India)

Language: English, Kannada, Tamil

Director: Ashok Vish

Producer: Shaji Mathew, Niv Art Movies

Producer: Vinayak Nagesh