Source: Peter Kramer/HBO


HBO’s hit drama Succession will finish with its forthcoming fourth series, its creator and writer Jesse Armstrong has revealed.

Speaking to the New Yorker, Armstrong said that the upcoming series is “pretty definitively” the end of the saga of the feuding Roy clan.

“There’s a promise in the title of Succession. I’ve never thought this could go on forever. The end has always been kind of present in my mind. From season two, I’ve been trying to think: Is it the next one, or the one after that, or is it the one after that?” he said.

Peep Show co-creator Armstrong said that he was not entirely certain that this series would be the show’s last when he sat down to work on its fourth outing with his writing team in 2021.

He had been mulling over ending it, proposing the finale to the writers and his preference for it to “go out strong” but that he was also open to a fifth series if that’s where the writing process led them.

“I like operating the writing room by coming in with a proposition and then being genuinely open to alternative ways of going. And the decision to end solidified through the writing and even when we started filming: I said to the cast, ‘I’m not a hundred per cent sure, but I think this is it.’,” he added.

He hinted that he has left room for a future story set in the Waystar RoyCo world around “allied characters” or characters that feature in the drama, but that the final series of Succession “exhausts all our reserves of interest” in that particular story.

“I have caveated the end of the show, when I’ve talked to some of my collaborators, like: Maybe there’s another part of this world we could come back to, if there was an appetite? Maybe there’s something else that could be done, that harnessed what’s been good about the way we’ve worked on this,” he added.

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