Stockholm-based VoD firm unveils the “world’s first legal film sharing service”.

Voddler has launched a new service that connects viewers and content owners directly, allowing video streaming to connected devices.

The service, titled Voddler LiveShelf, will also allow users to invite friends to watch the films their films – either uploaded or purchased online – through a feature named ViewShare.

Voddler claims this to be “the world’s first legal film sharing service”.

The firm has been streaming movies to 1.2 million users across Scandinavia and Spain for the past few years.

It has film partners including Disney, Dreamworks, NBC Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros, Touchstone Pictures, MGM, New Line, Miramax and BBC Worldwide.

Marcus Backlund, Voddler’s CEO, said: “ViewShare embraces the fact that people have always lent movies to each other. It lets us all continue to invite our friends to watch the films we have on the LiveShelf just like we have always done in the living room.”

Users can create limited network of friends for free and send out invitation. However, to watch their friends ViewShare movies, users pay a small monthly fee, which is shared with content owners.

At launch, Voddler LiveShelf offers unlimited upload storage and full ViewShare for the user’s first month.

The global roll-out began today [Apr 18]by activating Voddler LiveShelf in Scandinavia and Spain.

In a phased roll-out plan, Europe and Russia will see LiveShelf in their markets by end of week, with North America, South America, Asia and Oceania following suit.