The Image Processing Group  (GTI, Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes) of the Technical University of Madrid has invested in a Mistika 2K system with stereo 3D capabilities and a Mistika Live application.

GTI has a 3D television Living Lab (Dem-3DTV), where its production and Experimentation Centre is housed. Dem-3DTV is equipped with a substantial technology infrastructure for r&d, innovation support and equipment trials.

“Our investment in Mistika will help drive us further forward into becoming a significant centre of excellence in stereoscopic 3D content creation,” said associate professor Fernando Jaureguizar.

“The Mistika 2K system and Mistika Live with the Dem-3DTV provides further exciting opportunities to train students and professionals interested in stereoscopic 3D post production offering a more experimental and holistic approach.

“Mistika will be used for the editing, compositing, colour grading and finishing for Stereo 3D content captured from the Dem-3DTV.

“The production workflow includes 2K professional cameras mounted on a rig and compact cameras in full HD with double lenses to shoot each eye.”

SGO regional sales manager Jose Luis Acha added: “SGO is proud to be associated with educational institutions of high calibre, such as the UPM, that delivers the highest standards and encourages quality-driven results for future talented professionals.

“Mistika is a clear leader in stereoscopic editing and post production, and its capabilities bring tremendous benefits for students to further develop their technical expertise in order to be well equipped for the industry.”