Riddle Of Fire

Source: Mister Smith Entertainment

‘Riddle Of Fire’

UK sales outfit Mister Smith Entertainment is launching world sales at Cannes on US filmmaker Weston Razooli’s feature film debut, action and adventure comedy Riddle Of Fire. The title will world premiere in Directors’ Fortnight.

It follows three mischievous children as they embark on an odyssey when their mother asks them to run an errand, in a neo-fairytale set in Wyoming in the US. 

Riddle Of Fire will star Lio Tipton, Charles Halford, Charlie Stover, Skyler Peters, Phoebe Ferro, and Lorelei Olivia Mote. It is being produced by David Atrakchi – the co-founder of France-US production company Fulldawa Films, Sohrab Mirmont, Razooli and Tipton.

Executive producers are Marlowe Griffin Lyddon, Brendan Griffin Lyddon, David Wiener, Kate Wiener, Jay Van Hoy, Sophie Meister and Donna Gruneich.

Los Angeles-based Razooli has previously directed shorts including Anaxia, Shades Of Paradise and Jolly Boy Friday.

Mister Smith Entertainment founder David Garrett said: “This film is an absolute treat and the director Weston Razooli has such a singular voice – it cannot fail to surprise and excite all who have the pleasure of bathing in his storytelling.”

Producer Atrakchi added: “Thrilled to be working with Mister Smith. With Riddle Of Fire, you immediately embark on this epic adventure and you really fall in love with the trio of kids, they’re such fun to be around.”

Mister Smith will also be in Cannes with body horror Grafted and family adventure comedy Bookworm, both in production in New Zealand.