A new independent film festival has been founded by former Cork Film Festival veterans Mick Hannigan and Una Feely with the support of director Ken Loach.

IndieCork will run from October 16-20 and will focus on independent features, documentaries and shorts, using traditional venues but also new screening spaces in the Irish city. Further details will be announced on May 1.

Last month, Hannigan and Feely were unexpectedly made redundant from the Cork Film Festival, where they were festival CEO and festival programmer respectively.

The pair are among the founders of IndieCork, which has been set up by a group with backgrounds in education, business, social and community initiatives, film and entertainment, all from Cork.

The honorary patron of the new festival is Ken Loach, the award-winning director of The Wind that Shakes the Barley, The Angels’ Share and Kes.

Feely said: “Throughout his career, Ken Loach has resisted the lure of Hollywood yet found international success and acclaim. IndieCork is thrilled that he immediately agreed to our invitation, citing his support for the vision of this new festival.”

IndieCork will have a film fan membership structure, with supporters invited to buy a share in the festival, becoming part owners and trustees.

Hannigan said: “This is an exciting new venture, bringing independent cinema to independent-minded audiences.

“All the soundings we’ve taken point to enthusiasm for a festival which celebrates short films and independent documentaries and features. We are looking forward to creating an exciting and culturally rich event in October.

“We have had widespread support from our network of film contacts in Ireland and internationally. We want to preserve Cork’s reputation as a city that champions independent cinema.”

Feely added: “We look forward to being creative with the notion of independence, creating interesting events not only centered on screenings.

“We will offer diversity in our programming and support emerging filmmakers. We believe that this kind of vision and festival is suited to Cork and its rebel spirit”.