Photographer Of War

Source: LevelK

‘Photographer Of War’

Two world premieres are among the line-up for the Nordic documentary competition of the 30th anniversary edition of the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, which runs September 19-24 in Malmo, Sweden. 

The first is Boris Benjamin Bertram’s Photographer Of War (Denmark) about famed Danish war photographer Jan Grarup who has to learn to take care of his three children when his ex-wife becomes ill. LevelK handles sales.

The other is Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir’s The Vasulka Effect (Iceland), about two pioneers of video art who see a renewed interest from the art world when they are retired.

Hussain Currimbhoy, previously a programmer at Sundance and now the artistic director of The Red Sea Film Festival, served as guest programmer this year, working with associate programmer Nadia Abraham.

“This year we will celebrate our 30th anniversary with exceptional Nordic storytelling touching on diverse topics, from Icelandic video art to Syrian refugees to the MeToo movement,” aid Anita Reher, executive director at Nordisk Panorama. ”Our guest programmers have selected a wide range of films about people and subjects made by talented voices, from equal numbers of female and male filmmakers. In addition, we will showcase the best film gems from Nordisk Panorama’s 30-year library through a dedicated online anniversary campaign.” 

There are also competitiions for best Nordic short film and Young Nordic-Children’s Choice.

Best Nordic Documentary Competition 

Forget Me Not (Den-S Kor)
Dir. Sun Hee Engelstoft

Mating (Swe)
Dir. Lina Mannheimer

Newstime (Fin-Ger)
Dir. Laura Horelli 

Once Aurora (Nor)
Dirs. Stian Servoss, Benjamin Langeland

Q’s Barbershop (Den) opening film
Dir. Emil Langballe

Reconstructing Utøya (Swe-Nor-Den)
Dir. Carl Javér

Scheme Birds (Swe-UK)
Dirs. Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin

The Hypnotist (Fin)
Dir. Arthur Franck

The Reformist - A Female Imam (Den)
Dir. Marie Skovgaard

The Vasulka Effect (Ice-Cz-Den)
Dir. Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir

Photographer of War (Den)
Dir. Boris Benjamin Bertram

War of Art (Nor-Ger)
Dir. Tommy Gulliksen

Who Made You? (Fin)
Dir. Iiris Härmä

Winter’s Yearning (Nor-Den-Green)
Dirs. Sidse Torstholm Larsen, Sturla Pilskog

Best New Nordic Voice 

A Word for Human (Den)
Dir. Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda

Being More Like Bagsy (Nor)
Dir. Mikkel Storm Glomstein

Boy Gets Eaten (Nor)
Dir. Sebastian Lagerkvist

From Our Laundry (Swe)
Dirs. Jakob Eliasson, Albin Abrahamsson

Humanity on Trial (Den)
Dir. Jonas Bruun

Lindy the Return of Little Light (Swe)
Dir. Ida Persson Lännerberg

Maja (Den)
Dir. Marijana Jankovic

Patriotic Highway (Swe-Nor)
Dir. Caroline Troedsson

Recycling & Waste (Swe)
Dir. Julius Jorborg

She-Pack (Nor)
Dirs. Fanny Ovesen

Tom Has a Plant (Den)
Dirs. Thinh Nguyen

Turn (Ice-Fin)
Dir. Sesselía Ólafsdóttir, Peter Callow