Odeon and IMAX have struck a deal to install four IMAX theatres in the UK.

The digital projection systems will be installed in locations in Glasgow, Norwich, Kingston and Uxbridge.

Each of the new theatres is expected to open for the IMAX release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 on Nov 19.

The deal brings the total number of IMAX theatres operated by Odeon to 11 and makes the exhibitor the largest operator of IMAX theatres in Western Europe.

“The incremental boost in performance that we receive by adding an IMAX theatre to our existing complexes helps to drive our bottom line and our overall box office, but most importantly, it gives Odeon customers the premium cinema experience they are demanding more than ever before,” said Rupert Gavin, CEO of Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group. “We’re very excited about expanding the number of Odeon IMAX locations. With the ability to retrofit our auditoria quickly, we’re able to capitalize on IMAX’s strong film slate, starting with the next Harry Potter film.”

“Our new agreement with Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group, Europe’s largest exhibitor and one of the world’s most recognized cinema brands, continues a pattern of expanding existing relationships based on IMAX box office results,” said IMAX CEO, Richard L. Gelfond. “Odeon has led the way in establishing the IMAX network in Western Europe, and we’re confident that their increasing interest in the IMAX business will result in more awe-inspiring entertainment experiences for moviegoers in one of our most important markets.”

“This latest deal reflects Odeon’s response to consumer demand for The IMAX experience in the UK. As we have expanded our relationship with Odeon throughout the UK, they have experienced box office and market share growth as well as tremendously positive feedback from consumers about The IMAX Experience,” added Larry T. O’Reilly, IMAX’s executive vice president, theatre development.  “We look forward to exploring additional locations with Odeon in the future.”

Odeon currently has IMAX venues in Manchester, Wimbledon, Greenwich, Gateshead, Cardiff, Liverpool and Southampton.