Company is also raising finance for nWave’s animation feature The Queen’s Corgi.

Roman Polanski

Ambitious new financier Belga Films Fund, the Belgian tax shelter arm of the Belga Films group, has announced its latest investments and projects.

The fund, which will have collected over €10m through the tax shelter by the end of the year, is co-producing and co-financing Roman Polanski’s latest feature, D’après Une Histoire Vraie (Based On A True Story) , which stars Eva Green and Emmanuelle Seigner and is shooting in Paris this month. 

The film was co-scripted by Polanski with Olivier Assayas. Wassim Beji is producing. Lionsgate is handling the film internationally. The budget is around €10m and Belga has provided €500k.

Belga is also partnering on The Queen’s Corgi, nWave’s animated feature which will start production in Brussels before the end of the year. 

Queen Corby will be nWave’s second film on which Belga Films Fund has raised tax shelter funding. The company also invested in Bigfoot Junior, set for release in 2017. Belga provided a sizeable €6m for Bigfoot Junior out of its overall budget of approximately €20m.

Speaking to Screen,  Fabrice Delville, founder and general manager of Belga Films Fund, announced that The Queen’s Corgi is the first film in a three year, three picture deal with nWave, Ben Stassen’s Brussels-based animation powerhouse. Belga will be releasing the films in Benelux while Belga Films Fund will be providing substantial tax shelter investment toward their production.

Delville revealed that the company’s €10M fund is still open for 2017 films that need support.

“We do have plenty of films that we are discussing with producers but if there are producers that need financing, there is still room for us to accommodate them,” he commented.

In another development, the Belga Film Group has recently launched a new eight screen Brussels multiplex, the ‘White Cinema’. Belga will be holding a special industry event in January to which its international partners will all be invited.