Reflexion Films, a new sales company based in Moscow, has unveiled a line-up of features for its EFM debut.

Titles include Svetlana Baskova’s ”neo-Soviet“ film For Marx, which screens in the Forum today [Feb 8].

Reflexion also has a market screening of Maria Saakyan’s I’m Going To Change My Name scheduled for tomorrow.

The newcomer’s catalogue includes Vladimir Mirzoev’s post-modern take on Alexander Pushkin’s Boris Godunov, Saakyan’s experimental drama Enthropy, and Gleb Glebov’s offroad movie Snowstorm, based on a story by Leo Tolstoy.

Reflexion is the exclusive agent for Cine Fantom Club, a venue for experimental and innovative cinema and a co-producer of For Marx.

The company’s management team comprises Olga Kolegaeva, Alexei Sokhnev and Konstantin Nafikov, who are organisers of the annual Moscow Business Square (MBS) – the business platform of the Moscow Film Festival.

MBS’ 5th edition will run from June 24-26 with a special focus on China and Korea.