The 15th annual Rio International Film Festival winners were announced on October 10 at an awards ceremony held at the festival’s downtown Armazem 6 dockland pavilion.

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As in every year, the awards were exclusively for domestic films that screened in the Premiere Brasil section, dedicated to new work from local directors.

For the first time in festival history the most prestigious prize, the Redentor award presented to the Best Fiction Feature, was shared between two films, both from first-time directors: Caru Alves de Souza’s Underage (De Menor) and Fernando Coimbra’s Wolf At The Door (O Lobo Atrás da Porta).

Underage touches on a topical subject that divides Brazilian society about reducing the age of criminal responsibility for heinous crimes.

It follows the steps of a young woman, Helena (Rita Batata), a recently graduated attorney who works as a public defender of children and adolescents and also takes care of a minor, Caio (Giovanni Gallo). Their relationship is threatened when he commits an offense and Helena is forced to defend him.

Wolf At The Door brings to the screen another recurring problem in Brazil – kidnappings. After a child is kidnapped in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, the story is told from different points of view, without the viewer knowing who is telling the truth or telling a lie.

Leandra Leal, who plays the mistress of the father of the abducted child, took the prize for best actress. Last year she won the same trophy for her performance in Bruno Safadi’s Eden.

In terms of number of awards, Hilton Lacerda’s Tatuagem (Tatoo) took home five prizes: best actor (Jesuíta Barbosa), best supporting actor (Rodrigo García), Special Jury Prize, the 2013 FIPRESCI award for best Latin American film and the audience award for best film.

Tatuagem is about a group of artists who confronted the dictatorship in the late 70s in Brazil and won the main prize at the Festival de Gramado, another Brazilian event, held in August.

Full list of winners

Best Fiction Feature
Underage (De Menor), Caru Alves de Souza
Wolf At The Door (O Lobo Atrás da Porta), Fernando Coimbra

Best Director
Cao Guimarães, Marcelo Gomes, O Homem Das Multidões (The Man Of The Crowd)

Best Actor
Jesuíta Barbosa for Tatuagem (Tattoo) by Hilton Lacerda.
Honourary mention: Francisco Gaspar, A Estrada 47 (Road 47)

Best Actress
Leandra Leal, O Lobo Atrás Da Porta (Wolf At The Door)

Best Supporting Actress
Martha Nowill for Entre Nós (Sheep’s Clothing) by Paulo Morelli

Best Supporting Actor
Rodrigo García for Tatuagem by Hilton Lacerda.
Honourary mention: Silvio Guindane, Jogo das Decapitações (The Beheading Game)
Honourary mention: Julio Andrade, Entre Nós (Sheep’s Clothing).

Best Screenplay
Paulo Morelli for Entre Nós (Sheep’s Clothing).

Best Editing
Mair Tavares for A Estrada 47 (Road 47) by Vicente Ferraz

Best Photography
Pedro Urano for Quase Samba (Lyrics) by Ricardo Targino

Special Jury Prize - Fiction Feature
Tatuagem (Tattoo) by Hilton Lacerda

Special Jury Prize -  Documentary
A Farra Do Circo (Ruckus At The Circus) by Roberto Berliner and Pedro Bronz

Best Documentary
Histórias De Arcanjo - Um Documentário Sobre Tim Lopes (Stories Of Arcanjo – A Documentary About Tim Lopes) by Guilherme Azevedo

Best Short
Contratempo (Setback) by Bruno Jorge