Participants of CineMart’s successful event for emerging producers have been nominated by the 29 Rotterdam Lab partner organisations.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has unveiled the 74 young film producers taking part in the 13th edition of Rotterdam Lab, part of CineMart.

Participants at this year’s edition of CineMart’s successful event for emerging producers have been nominated by the 29 Rotterdam Lab partner organisations, including Ateliers du Cinéma Européen, Creative Skillset and Film I Vast as well as new partner organisations Danish Film Institute and Guanajuato International Film Festival.

Rotterdam Lab also welcomes back Singapore Film Commission as returning partner of CineMart.

Speakers at this year’s edition include Ido Abram, EYE Film Institute Netherlands, who will be giving the Rotterdam Lab coaching session on pitching film projects, and Jay Van Hoy, Parts and Labor, USA.

Participants will be given the opportunity to partake in panel discussion on topics such as development, financing, post-production and VOD, which will see the participants given information by industry experts on how to present their project and to build up an international network.

13th Rotterdam Lab participants

Aditi Anand (Little Red Car Films – India)

Bianca Balbuena (Epicmedia – Philippines)

Daniel Bekerman (Scythia Films Inc. – Canada)

Amy Belling (The Siblings – Canada)

Liat Benasuly (Tender Productions – Israel)

Jorge Andrés Botero (Séptima Films Ltda. – Colombia)

Jackie Cahi (Pangolin Films – Zimbabwe)

Nick Case (Paper Moon Films – US)

Rubelia Castillo (Jaqueca Films – Mexico)

Andres Chaves (independent producer – Colombia)

Borislav Chouchkov (Chouchkov Brothers Ltd. – Bulgaria)

Rachel Clements (Brindle Films Pty Ltd. – Australia)

Cat Cooper (Elfn Productions Ltd. – UK)

Brecht Debackere (Visualantics – Belgium)

Sarah Drummong (Screen Productions – UK)

Rory Dungan (Tilted Pictures – Ireland)

Libby Durdy (Warp Films – UK)

Madeleine Ekman (Zentropa International – Sweden)

Fei Ling Foo (Du Huang Pictures – Malaysia)

Cameron Fraser (Ko Lik Films Ltd – UK)

Roi Frey (Roi’s Box – Netherlands)

Sharon Gan (Everything Films – Malaysia)

Natalia Garagiola (Rei Cine SRL – Argentina)

Fabian Gasmia (DETAiLFILM Gasmia & Kamm GbR – GermanY)

Eduardo Giralt Brun (Peliculas Prescindibles – Venezuela)

Maya Gnyp (GHOST Pictures – Australia)

Vivek Man Taeg Gomber (Zoo Films – India)

HAN HAN (FILMA PICTURES CO., Ltd. Film – South Korea)

Pamela Hansson (Stargazer Productions Ltd – UK)

Paddy Hayes (Magamedia – UK)

David Horler (Proper Film – South Africa)

Anton Iffland Stetner (Stenola Productions – Belgium)

Sinisa Juricic (Nukleus Film – Croatia)

Young KIM (MIRU Entertainment – South Korea)

Teresa Kwong (Why media workshop – Hong Kong)

Kang-Kyu LEE (Paretoworks Co.,Ltd. – South Korea)

Tory Lenosky (independent producer – US)

Jessica Levick (Magnified Pictures Ltd. – UK)

Fanny-Laure Male (La Boîte à Fanny / Fanny’s Box Inc. – Canada)

Mandy Marahimin (Talamedia – Indonesia)

Juan Manuel Méndez (Vizconde Producciones – Guatemala)

Christina Milligan (Conbrio Media Lrd. – New Zealand)

Ditte Milsted (Profile Pictures ApS – Denmark)

Camilo Molano (Chapinero Films – Colombia)

Patricia Morton-Thomas (Brindle Films Pty Ltd – Australia)

Navalakha Nilesh (Navalakha Arts & Holy Basil Combine – India)

Piia Nokelainen (independent producer – Finland)

May Ode (Odeh’s Film – Palestine)

Ikechukwau Omenaihe (Assegai Films – Nigeria)

Natalie Palomo (Breathe Films – Australia)

Dae Hee PARK (Iron Package co. Ltd. – South Korea)

Elina Pohjola (Pohhola-filmi – Finland)

Juan Pablo Richter (K-flex SRL – Bolivia)

Tara Riddell (Curious Film – New Zealand)

Andrea Roa (Dark Arts Film – US)

Anita Rocha da Silveira (Bananeira Filmes – Brazil)

Lihu Roter (Periscope Productions Ltd. – Israel)

Wadih Safieddine (..né.à Beyrouth – Lebanon)

Charlotte Scott-Wilson (Nederlands Film Instituut – Netherlands)

April Therese Shannon (Agrupacion Caramelo Cinematografica – Mexico)

Summer Shelton (independent producer – US)

Gurvinder Singh (The Film Café – India)

Kartikeya Singh (The Film Café – India)

Bonnie Skoog Feeney (Filmlance International AB – Sweden)

Reinette van de Stadt (Trueworks – Netherlands)

Tom Stuart (Asalva Pictures – UK)

Bee Thiam TAN (13 Little Pictures – Singapore)

Pin Pin TAN (BFG Media – Singapore)

Ingmar Trost (Suto Kolonko Filmproduktion – Germany)

Bilge Elif Turhan (Yeni Sinemacılık – Turkey)

Dagne Vildziunaite (Just a Moment – Lithuania)

Alexander Wadouh (Choromosom Filmproduktion – Germany)

Aaron Watson (Sabertooth Film – New Zealand)

Jonas Weydemann (Weydemann Bros. GmbH – Germany)