oxford uni

Source: Sidharth Bhatia (licensed under CC)

University of Oxford

Frank Mannion’s Swipe Films is in production on Oxbridge, a Saltburn-inspired feature documentary about UK universities Oxford and Cambridge.

The film is directed and produced by Mannion, and will be ready for summer 2025.

Oxbridge will explore whether the decadent, upper-class image of students at the two universities is accurate, and analyse how these institutions maintain their elite status and the lengths to which parents go to get their offspring there.

Swipe has made two feature documentaries in the last three years – Sparkling: The Story Of Champagne, and Quintessentially Irish featuring Pierce Brosnan, Andrew Scott and Jeremy Irons, with the latter currently in UK-Ireland cinemas.

Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn followed a young Oxford undergraduate who becomes obsessed with an aristocratic classmate and his family. The Amazon MGM Studios production grossed over £5.6m in the UK and Ireland through Warner Bros.