Dark Glasses

Source: ©2021 Urania Pictures – GetAway Films

Dark Glasses

AMC Network’s premium genre streamer Shudder has snapped up Italian filmmaker Dario Argento’s thriller Dark Glasses for release in North America, the UK & Ireland, and Australia & New Zealand ahead of its Special Gala premiere at the Berlinale today (Friday February 11). 

The feature, sold internationally by Paris-based Wild Bunch International (WBI), will stream exclusively on Shudder in these territories this autumn. The Rome-set thriller starring Ilenia Pastorelli, Andrea Zhang and daughter Asia Argento is the first feature from genre maestro Argento in a decade.

Pastorelli stars as a prostitute who loses her sight in a car crash as she tries to flee a crazed serial killer but finds an ally in a young Chinese boy whose life has also been altered forever by the accident. Together the pair try to stay one step ahead of the killer.

“Argento is an undisputed master of the genre, responsible for some of the greatest horror films ever made. There are few words I’ve been more excited to say than these: ‘Shudder will be the home of Dario Argento’s new film,’” said Shudder general manager Craig Engler. ”We are beyond thrilled to bring Dark Glasses to our members around the world.”

WBI has unveiled a raft of other deals as the films debuts in Berlin. In Europe, it has sold to Benelux (Just Film), Germany (Alamode), Portugal (Lusomundo), former Yugoslavia (MCF), Czech Republic (Film Europe), Baltics (Best Film) and Russia (Russian Report).

In the rest of the world, it has been acquired for Israel (Lev Cinemas) and Japan (Longride). Other territories on the verge of closing include Latin America and Spain. 

Dark Glasses is produced by Conchita Airoldi and Laurentina Guidotti at Urania Productions and Brahim Chioua, Vincent Maraval and Noëmie Devide at Getaway Films.

Emily Gotto, VP of global acquisitions and co-productions, negotiated the Shudder deal with WBI head of sales Eva Diederix on behalf of the filmmakers.